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27 Feb 2024   
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-Meet the South Korean octogenarian rappers taking the internet by storm
-Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service is coming to a Gaza hospital

Critics savage Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web
The trailer went viral for how awful it was, and the film has not fared much better with critics. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 15 Feb 2:35am 

Sudan hit by internet blackout as civil war continues
The internet outage comes on top of a 10-month civil war which has forced nine million from their homes. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 8 Feb 8:15am 

War-torn Sudan hit by internet blackout
The internet outage comes on top of a 10-month civil war which has forced nine million from their homes. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 8 Feb 2:25am 

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Ugandan internet propaganda network exposed by the BBC
A BBC investigation exposes a sprawling network of fake social media accounts operating in Uganda. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sun, 21 Jan 8:55pm 

What is behind the TikTok thirst for Stanley water cups?
People are camping outside supermarkets in the US to try to buy the latest internet on-trend item. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 18 Jan 7:55am 

-Ukrainian hacking group claims retaliatory cyber-strike on major Moscow ISP

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'Reliable and affordable': Northern Marianas aims to provide free internet
The CNMI Broadband Policy and Development Office has set a goal to make broadband service costs free of charge for residents in an effort to make it even more accessible under its five-year action plan. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Wed, 20 Dec 11:25am 

Ukraine mobile network Kyivstar hit by 'cyber-attack'
Customers are left without phone and internet access, while one city's air raid sirens stop working. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Wed, 13 Dec 7:15am 

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-Amazon to Hire Rival SpaceX to Launch Internet Satellites
-Amazon Web Services CEO: AI will take a giant leap forward in 2024
-Salesforce Inks Deal to Sell on Amazon Web Services’ Marketplace

Australian internet service Optus' CEO resigns following nationwide outage
Optus chief executive officer Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has stepped down after an outage left 10 million people without mobile or internet service. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Mon, 20 Nov 7:24pm 

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-Senegal Cuts Mobile Internet as Crackdown on Dissent Widens
-Musk’s Starlink Used by Sudan Paramilitary Group Amid Internet Blackout
-Internet quality doesn't mean security, especially for children—experts say

Fiji's internet watchdog pleads with public to refrain from sharing distressing child assault video
The disturbing video of a child being brutally beaten by her father has been shared online hundreds of times, including by the Women and Children's Minister to her 176,000 Facebook followers. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 8 Feb 10:25am 

'The internet was my drug of choice'
The BBC speaks to three people in a 12-step programme for "digital addiction". 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 8 Feb 2:25am 

-White House renews calls on Congress to extend internet subsidy program
-Biden's vow of affordable internet for all is threatened by the looming expiration of subsidies

The internet has a problem
If you can solve this problem you could become the richest person in the world. 
© 2024 Aardvark Tue, 23 Jan 7:15am 

Saltburn director Emerald Fennell on Bafta nominations and infamous bathtub scene
Emerald Fennell's film has received five Bafta Award nominations and become an internet sensation. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Fri, 19 Jan 7:25am 

-Musk’s SpaceX to Help Deere Connect Farmers to the Internet
-Media: Ukrainian hackers hit Russian internet provider, claim they are preparing 'revenge for Kyivstar'

'We had to investigate our autistic son's death'
Will Melbourne died after taking drugs bought on the dark web - his parents found out by investigating themselves. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 4 Jan 9:55pm 

-Russia using internet registration to force passportization in occupied Ukraine
-Inside Amazon’s Effort to Challenge Musk’s Starlink Internet Business
-Kyivstar partially restores internet services after cyberattack
-Ukraine faces second day of huge phone and internet outage after suspected Russian cyberattack

Air New Zealand explores inflight wifi with Elon Musk's satellite company Starlink
Air New Zealand is working with Elon Musk's satellite company, Starlink, to bring free internet to its domestic services. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Wed, 13 Dec 7:48am 

-Mom stumped by 1st grader's homework asks internet for help. Do you know the answer?
-The Internet Reacts To Canadian Tiktoker Who Compares Toronto To "Gotham City"

A young couple's ordeal captivates Chinese internet
Their struggles mirror the dashed hopes of so many people confronting a slowing economy. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Mon, 4 Dec 1:35pm 

Te Whatu Ora vaccination data leak a 'devastating breach of trust'
The health agency has resecured systems and is continuing to scan the internet and media for any further appearance of its data. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Mon, 4 Dec 9:11am 

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