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25 Jan 2022   
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Man charged with murder of Juliana Bonilla Herrera in Christchurch
Police have charged a 35-year-old man with the murder of Juliana Bonilla Herrera in the Christchurch suburb of Addington over the weekend. 
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-S. Korean officials say North Korea tested cruise missiles
-Iconic musician seeks to rebuild Iraq through music
-North Korea fires two suspected cruise missiles, Seoul says
-EXPLAINER: Why Yemen's war has spilled into the Emirates
-German caution on arms to Ukraine rooted in history, energy
-32 dead in South Sudan interethnic violence: UN
-Israeli expert panel advises 4th vaccine dose for adults

Contact Energy puts plans in place to keep power stations running as Omicron hits
Contact Energy is confident that it will be able to keep the lights on even when Omicron is at its peak. 
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Covid-19 will dominate, but NZ must also face 'triple planetary crisis'
Opinion: As the government prepares to deal with a looming Omicron outbreak, this won't be the only major issue it will have to tackle this year, Nathan Cooper writes. 
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Covid 19: Chris Hipkins on new mask rules under Omicron
By RNZ Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has defended the recommendation that people use disposable surgical or medical grade masks as opposed to N95s, saying it is an issue of practicality. The government today announced... 
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Five new covid cases confirmed in Samoa
Health authorities in Samoa are reporting five new cases of Covid-19 at the border. 
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Tokoroa lawyer wins dispute over car
Solid sleuthing by a Tokoroa lawyer led to the discovery that her used Chevrolet had travelled tens of thousands of miles further than advertised when she bought it. Maryanne Crapp has managed to get her money back on the Chevrolet... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 7:40pm 

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Covid-19: South Auckland GPs brace for surge in Omicron cases
South Auckland GPs say they are preparing for a surge in Omicron cases, but there needs to be more coordination from the Ministry of Health and district health boards to help them deal with the next wave of the pandemic. 
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Solomon Islands reports first Covid-19 deaths
Health authorities say they expect more cases in the coming days as community transmission was now widespread in the capital and some provincial areas. 
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-South Korean military says it appears North Korea tested cruise missiles
-EU continues training Libyan partners despite migrant abuses
-Husband says Iran sentenced activist wife to prison, lashes
-Chronic Pain Treatment Market
-Burkina Faso coup: Why soldiers have overthrown President Kaboré

Damage assessments underway in Cook Islands
Assessments are underway in the Cook Islands to determine the full extent of the damage from a major tropical depression. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 8:24pm 

Nasa's new space telescope reaches destination in solar orbit
Thirty days after it was launched, the James Webb telescope has arrived at the position in space where it will observe the universe. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 8:24pm 

Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: Nearly 1000 people isolating after contact with Omicron case
Nearly 1000 people are isolating after coming in contact with an Omicron case over the recent days. A Ministry of Health spokesman said as of this morning 993 contacts are associated with confirmed and suspected Omicron cases.Ten... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 8:12pm 

Baby, teen among latest Covid-19 deaths in Fiji
A baby and a teenager are among the latest deaths from Covid-19 being reported in Fiji. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:57pm 

Trust calls for more social housing in the face of Omicron outbreak
Omicron highlights the need for more social housing, so families living in overcrowded conditions can self-isolate, a chief executive working in the sector says. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:57pm 

Ukrainians in New Zealand call for government to put political pressure on Russia
Ukrainians in New Zealand are very concerned about the escalation of tension between their home country and Russia, and want the New Zealand government to do more to help. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:57pm 

N95 masks ruled out for public as mask policy updated
The government is tightening its rules for mask use under the 'red' traffic light setting. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:34pm 

Covid-19 confirmed aboard HMAS Adelaide enroute to Tonga
Twenty-three people onboard the HMAS Adelaide test positive for Covid-19. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:34pm 

Soaring petrol prices driving interest in electric vehicles - industry group
Refilling your petrol tank is about to sting like never before - AA is predicting prices will climb above $3 a litre this year. 
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