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26 Jun 2022   
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Banks begin hiking mortgage rates post OCR
ANZ and Kiwibank have both lifted mortgage and deposit rates today in the wake of last week's big OCR hike.Kiwibank was the first to move this morning , lifting its headline rate for a two-year fixed mortgage to 5.19 per cent per... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon, 30 May 3:33pm 

Home buyers increasingly resorting to pooling their resources - bank
By RNZ As first-time buyers look to break into the property market, more and more people are open to the idea of buying their first home with friends.Kiwibank mobile mortgage manager Philippa Scott told RNZ's Karyn Hay the high... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon, 18 Apr 1:57pm 

Third bank increases mortgage rates after cash rate rise
A third bank has lifted its variable home loan rates in the wake of yesterday's increase to the official cash rate.ASB will lift its floating mortgage rate from 4.85 per cent to 5.35 per cent and its orbit rate from 4.95 per cent... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 14 Apr 3:09pm 

Property group Du Val says its mortgage fund ads not misleading
A lawyer for local property firm Du Val Group has told the High Court its social media advertisements were not misleading.The company is challenging last year's order from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to pull the ads because... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 31 Mar 6:31pm 

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Big rise in complaints to banking watchdog over new 'KFC, Uber, pregnancy' loan rules
The Banking Ombudsman Scheme says it has seen complaints about lending delays double since the borrowing rules came into effect.The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA) requires banks to closely vet mortgage applicants'... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Sun, 23 Jan 11:19am 

Fears that lending rules will hit first-home buyers hardest
Having takeaways at least twice a week or a quick bet could now, quite literally, stop you getting a home loan, Dunedin mortgage brokers are warning.People have long been told they need to cut down on coffee and avocado on toast... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 13 Jan 7:57am 

Petition to rewrite laws that mortgage advisers say are 'working against the NZ public'
High-profile broker John Bolton starts petition to walk back lending law changes. 
© 2022 Mon, 13 Dec 11:51am CEO Vishal Garg 'taking time off effective immediately' after firing 900 staff on Zoom call
The CEO of a mortgage start-up who fired 900 employees in a three-minute Zoom call last week is "stepping away" from the company. boss Vishal Garg, 43, has come under intense scrutiny after recordings of the meeting... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Sat, 11 Dec 3:42pm 

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Mortgage rates predicted to rise to between 6pc to 7.5pc
Mortgage rates will likely lift to between 6 per cent and 7.5 per cent over the coming year worsening the cost of living crisis, Kiwibank's economists say.The bank made the prediction ahead of the Reserve Bank's official cash rate... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Wed, 25 May 2:11pm 

Thousands of first home buyers could be in trouble as interest rates head skywards
There are fears thousands of first home buyers will be tipped into financial distress by rising mortgage rates, as the Reserve Bank tries to battle inflation.Many will be paying thousands extra each month to service their mortgages.The... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon, 18 Apr 5:49am 

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OCR hike: ANZ moves first to lift mortgage rates
ANZ Bank has lifted its mortgage rates in response to the Reserve Bank hiking the official cash rate.ANZ announced its floating and flexible home loan interest rates will go up 0.5 per cent to 5.54 per cent and 5.65 per cent (per... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Wed, 13 Apr 6:29pm 

Mortgage rates set to rise further after RBNZ lifts cash rate
Mortgage rates are likely to rise further and the property market could see price rises of less than 5 per cent this year, an economist has forecast in the face of another hike in the official cash rate.The Reserve Bank today lifted... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Wed, 23 Feb 4:30pm 

New lending rules: Woman 'strongly advised' by mortgage broker to hide pregnancy
A Dunedin woman says she was "strongly advised" by her mortgage broker to hide her pregnancy during a meeting with a bank last year.While it was before the Government's changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA),... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Fri, 21 Jan 7:15am 

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Consumer confidence declining - Westpac survey
By RNZ Consumer confidence has turned pessimistic in the past three months, as rising mortgage rates and Covid-19 variants weigh on household's appetite to spend.The Westpac Bank-McDermott Miller Consumer Confidence Survey for... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon, 20 Dec 4:21pm 

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