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28 Sep 2021   
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AA Insurance also burned by Covid-era increase in house fires
Insurer joins Tower in identifying Covid-era increase in house blazes. 
© 2021 Mon 5:43am 

200,000 credit card repayment insurance holders urged to review product found to offer 'poor value'
About 200,000 users of credit card repayment insurance are being urged to check if they still need it after a review by the regulator found it offered poor value.The insurance can be used to cover an outstanding credit card balance... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu 11:03am 

Why you should constantly review your insurance coverage
OPINION: Insurance is the most boring of payments, but as we age, our needs change, and so should our insurance. 
© 2021 Thu, 16 Sep 10:23pm 

How will travel insurance look in a Covid-19 world?
OPINION: We need to see the insurance industry getting ready to take on other parts of the world. 
© 2021 Sat, 11 Sep 5:43am 

State Insurance tells woman floods not included in 'natural disaster' cover for her car
State tells owner of submerged car that her policy does not cover flood damage. 
© 2021 Tue, 31 Aug 5:13pm 

Auckland Council appoints Jan Dawson to city port board
Experienced director Jan Dawson has been appointed to the Ports of Auckland board.Dawson is deputy chair of Air New Zealand, chair of Westpac NZ and a director of Meridian Energy and AIG Insurance NZ. Port owner Auckland Council... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Mon, 23 Aug 11:34am 

Over-charging, poor-value policies identified in FMA review of house, car and contents insurance industry
Financial Markets Authority review of insurers finds poor value and overcharging. 
© 2021 Thu, 22 Jul 7:54am 

FMA report: Thousands of insurance customers to receive refunds over payment mistakes
Thousands of general insurance customers are set to receive refunds after payment mistakes were revealed as part of reviews ordered by the financial regulator.The Financial Markets Authority asked general insurers - those who offer... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu, 22 Jul 5:34am 

Westpac to sell its life insurance business for $400 million
Australian-owned bank sells Westpac Life to locally-owned Fidelity Life. 
© 2021 Tue, 6 Jul 11:04am 

Man who set fire to house by cooking steak in toaster upset at insurance payout
Homeowner upset that he did not get enough insurance payout to cover rebuild cost. 
© 2021 Wed, 30 Jun 3:54pm 

Natural disaster insurance scheme to reduce claims misery after disasters
After a natural disaster homeowners will no longer have to deal with EQC. 
© 2021 Mon, 28 Jun 11:24am 

'Snail's pace' insurance claim for dying man and other apartment owners
More than a decade into his post-earthquake financial battle, Brian Shaw fears he will "kick the bucket" before his insurers pay up. 
© 2021 Fri, 25 Jun 5:04am 

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Credit card repayment insurance warning: 200,000 people with 'poor value' cover
Watchdog warns over 'poor value' credit card repayment insurance sold by banks. 
© 2021 Thu 11:53am 

Covid-related surge in house fires hits insurer Tower's bottom line
The insurance company warns the surge in house fire claims could lead to higher premiums for customers, and changes to how claims are handled. 
© 2021 Wed 1:23pm 

Southern Cross pays $1.12 billion of claims, but premiums rise sharply
But health insurance policy premiums rise sharply. 
© 2021 Wed, 15 Sep 7:43pm 

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$122 million of insurance claims made after July's great storm
Losses centre on town of Westport, where $85m of claims have been made. 
© 2021 Tue, 7 Sep 5:33pm 

Reserve Bank proposal to protect insurance policyholders could add 1% to 2% to premiums
Reserve Bank asks whether households are willing to pay for more secure insurers. 
© 2021 Tue, 31 Aug 2:43pm 

Overseas student left with bill for childbirth injury treatment
Woman thought she would be covered by insurance, if she could not get public treatment. 
© 2021 Mon, 26 Jul 3:14pm 

Here's what insurance customers need to know after FMA review
Thousands of customers will get a refund, regulator's report says. 
© 2021 Fri, 23 Jul 5:35am 

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Westpac sells NZ life insurance business to Fidelity Life for $400m
By RNZ Westpac Bank has sold its New Zealand life insurance business to local insurer Fidelity Life for $400 million.As part of the deal, Westpac would refer any potential life insurance customers to the company for the next... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Tue, 6 Jul 4:54pm 

Westpac Banking Corporation (NZX: WBC) Announces Sale of Westpac New Zealand Life
Westpac today announced it has agreed with Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited to sell Westpac Life-NZ- Limited and enter into an exclusive 15-year agreement for the distribution of life insurance products to Westpac’s New Zealand customers 
© 2021 Tue, 6 Jul 10:44am 

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