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26 Jun 2022   
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Prince Charles: Slave trade history should be taught as widely as the Holocaust
The Prince of Wales wants the history of the transatlantic slave trade to be taught and understood as widely as the Holocaust.He believes there is a fundamental gap in national awareness of the trade, despite Britain's direct involvement... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 1:23pm 

Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: Latest cases, deaths from Ministry of Health at 1pm
The latest Covid case numbers and hospitalisations are due out at 1pm, as hundreds of people remain in hospital and an average of 12 people are reported as dying with Covid each day.Yesterday, 24 new deaths and 8638 new community... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 12:39am 

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-Mass same-sex wedding in Mexico challenges discrimination
-REFILE-WHO says monkeypox is not yet a health emergency

Tennis: 'Imagine being forced to wear white, on your period?' Women in tennis question Wimbledon rules
Ask Catherine Whitaker whether Wimbledon's strict all-white dress code has outlived its time and the tennis broadcaster does not hold back in her response. "I would like to see it change," she says. "If they had a clothing policy... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 12:01am 

Police homicide investigation after woman dies in suspected stabbing in Christchurch
A homicide investigation is underway after a woman died in a suspected stabbing in Christchurch. Two men were taken into custody after emergency services were called to an address in the suburb of Sockburn. Police will provide... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 11:44am 

Daniela Elser: Queen's risky move on William's 40th birthday
OPINION: The Duke of Cambridge turned 40 this week, and the extent to which the Queen has singled out her grandson has the potential to really ruffle some royal feathers.What do you give a future King for a birthday present?... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 11:43am 

-Meta has reportedly barred employees from discussing abortion on internal channels

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'Complacency is a greater danger than undue alarm' - NZ abortion advocate
An advocate says New Zealand's abortion rights are still vulnerable to change and people can't be complacent. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 10:54am 

Draft of rules for Aoraki Mount Cook to be released next year
A draft of the new rules governing Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is expected to be published in 2023, three years after a review of them resumed. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 10:54am 

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Study out on politics of New Zealand conspiracy theorists
What makes for a Kiwi conspiracy theorist? Researchers have delved into a trove of survey data to form a picture of what's likelier to make someone believe in bogus conspiracies and what part their personal politics play. Conspiracy... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 12:39am 

Wellington wastewater outlets monitored following burst sewage pipe
Wastewater outlets on the Wellington waterfront are being monitored after a sewage pipe burst outside the library on Victoria Street. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 12:35am 

'A traumatic, senseless act' - fatal Christchurch stabbing was a random attack
A woman who was killed in the Christchurch suburb of Sockburn yesterday was the victim of a random attack, police have confirmed. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 12:35am 

-Iraq PM on imminent Riyadh, Tehran visit in mediation bid
-Nigerian Ife head: Why UK police are holding a priceless sculpture

Roe v Wade abortion ruling: National MP Simon O'Connor told to remove post
National Party leader Christopher Luxon says MP Simon O'Connor was asked to delete a social media post saying it was a "good day" after abortion rights in the US were curtailed because it "was causing distress and does not represent... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 11:44am 

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Northland Torpedo 7 ram raided - two months after opening
Less than two months after it opened, Whangārei's Torpedo7 outlet is the latest store to be ram raided in Northland.Four cars, one of which was left on the scene on its side, have been reported to be involved by community members.While... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 11:44am 

-FromSoftware's next game is in the final stages of development
-The ruling against Juuling?

U2 singer Bono discusses discovering he has a half-brother
The star discusses for the first time how his dad had another son, who he didn't know about for years. 
© 2022 BBCWorld 11:11am 

Most New Zealanders support change in drug laws - new poll
New polling by the Drug Foundation shows most New Zealanders support changing the country's drug laws to remove criminal penalties. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 10:54am 

Omicron-based Covid shots improve response - Pfizer/BioNTech
The vaccine makers Pfizer and BioNTech say a booster dose of updated versions of their Covid-19 vaccine, modified specifically to combat the Omicron variant, has been shown to generate a higher immune response against that variant. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 10:54am 

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