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18 Apr 2024   
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Real-time carbon map inspires students to change transport behaviour
Scientists are making real-time carbon maps of every New Zealand city, following a successful pilot in Auckland. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 21 Mar 9:45am 

Ukraine war in maps: Russia makes limited advances
Russia has made limited advances along the front line, with the war in Ukraine about to enter its third year. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 22 Feb 5:15am 

-Matic's robot vacuum maps spaces without sending data to the cloud
-Google Maps Disables Live Traffic Data in Israel, Gaza at Military Request

Big challenges for Pacific nations as World Rugby maps way forward
Analysis - What's next for the three Pacific island nations after the Rugby world Cup campaign comes to an end? Our senior sports journalist Iliesa Tora breaks it down. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Fri, 20 Oct 11:55am 

The latest maps of the world's eighth continent
New research on the geology of Zealandia is revealing how it formed - and why it sank. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sun, 1 Oct 8:13pm 

-UN maps out decarbonisation of polluting construction sector

Hawaii wildfires: Maps and images reveal devastation
Satellite images and before and after pictures show extent of damage to town of Lahaina on Maui. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Fri, 11 Aug 4:35am 

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Canada wildfires: North America air quality alerts in maps and images
Satellite images and before and after pictures show how smoke has shrouded the east coast of Canada and the US. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sat, 10 Jun 12:25am 

Maps made available to show extent of flooding threats
New maps showing areas where extreme coastal flooding could occur aim to fill gaps for places that do not have this data available. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 25 May 3:45pm 

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Taranaki in 3D: Aerial laser survey captures region in all its glory
The data, which is available to the public, will be used to generate high-definition 3D maps and models that will have a wide range of uses. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sat, 24 Dec 3:14pm 

Google to merge mapping service Waze with maps products teams
Google said on Thursday it will merge teams working on mapping service Waze and products like Google Maps, effective Dec. 9, in a bid to consolidate processes. 
© 2024 CNN Fri, 9 Dec 3:47am 

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Google Maps error forces lost tourists to walk 60km from bogged car in Far North Queensland
Two tourists had to walk for several days in Far North Queensland, Australia, when their car became bogged after they followed Google Maps directions. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 22 Feb 9:05am 

-Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia

Israel's new Gaza evacuation zones leave Palestinians few places to go
Palestinians and aid workers say new maps are not a workable solution to reduce civilian casualties. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Wed, 6 Dec 2:55pm 

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Google accused of directing motorist to drive off collapsed bridge
Google had been asked to update its maps in the nine years before the father of two's death. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 21 Sep 4:12pm 

-NASA reveals pollution maps gathered by the TEMPO space instrument

Greece fires: Satellite images and maps show extent of damage
Maps, satellite images and before and after pictures show the extent of wildfires across Greece. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Wed, 26 Jul 6:05am 

Maori and Moriori place names maps launched
The New Zealand Geographic Board has launched a new set of tangata whenua place names maps as they were prior to European settlement. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Tue, 4 Jul 9:05am 

Ukraine dam: Maps and before and after images reveal scale of disaster
Satellite images reveal the full extent of the devastation caused by the collapse of the Kakhovka dam. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Thu, 8 Jun 11:05am 

3D aerial maps helping with cyclone rebuild
Waikato Regional Council has released the first of its new online 3D aerial maps, saying they are a gamechanger. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sun, 21 May 2:50pm 

-Maps of Vladimir Putinís secret underground lair leaked
-Russian oligarchs' superyachts have avoided the US west coast and the Mediterranean since Russia invaded Ukraine, heat maps show
-Google Maps Face Renewed Scrutiny by DOJ's Antitrust Lawyers

Californiaís devastating storm in maps and charts
The state is being battered by storms with more destruction expected in the coming days. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sat, 14 Jan 4:34am 

Maori sites of significance maps to be fixed after errors found
Relief is in sight for a number of West Coast property owners who found their land had been mistakenly captured in mapping errors for sites of significance to Maori in the proposed Te Tai o Poutini Plan. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Wed, 21 Dec 2:28pm 

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