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26 Jan 2022   
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Unvaccinated Christchurch council staff lose jobs
Christchurch City Council has confirmed 13 staff have had their contracts terminated due to their vaccination status. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 2:23pm 

Job ads 'well above' pre-pandemic levels but workers uncertain about future earnings
Lots of jobs are on on offer but workers are still feeling less confident about future earnings, an employment survey has found. 
© 2022 RadioNZ Thu 11:37am wants to help women thrive in tech jobs through mentorship

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Brian Flores, Mike Zimmer and Matt Nagy lose jobs on NFL's 'Black Monday'
Miami Dolphins part ways with Brian Flores, Minnesota Vikings sack head coach Mike Zimmer and Chicago Bears fire Matt Nagy after all three teams missed out on the play-offs. 
© 2022 BBCWorld Tue, 11 Jan 3:31pm 

-Twitter's ex-CEO explains the key difference between Jeff Bezos' and Steve Jobs' leadership styles — but says Bezos once warned him against copying either one

'My work has just disappeared' - performers and crew count cost of Omicron
Three performers and crew members count the cost to them and their jobs caused by the latest wave. 
© 2022 BBCWorld Fri, 24 Dec 3:48am 

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Google will fire employees who refuse vaccinations, report says
A leaked memo warns employees who do not follow vaccine policy that they could lose their jobs. 
© 2022 BBCWorld Thu, 16 Dec 3:22am 

-MGM lets potential employees try out jobs in VR before signing on

Six hundred border exemptions granted for tech workers
With demand for jobs in tech growing at twice the rate of the general economy, hundreds of overseas workers will be allowed into the country. 
© 2022 Mon, 13 Dec 5:11am 

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Hard work just beginning for directors of new $280m Wanaka film studio
Hard work is just beginning, say bosses of new $280m film studio that is expected to boost GDP by $1.7 billion and create thousands of jobs. 
© 2022 Wed, 8 Dec 5:41pm 

Recruitment: Wendy's gets chatbot to screen applicants first
A chatbot named Lou is serving up jobs to those looking for work at Wendy's.Thought to be a first for a Kiwi fast food outlet Wendy's NZ is using new artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline its recruitment process.Lou... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Tue, 7 Dec 1:01pm 

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Data centre project expected to create hundreds of jobs
Another large multi-million dollar data centre is being developed in Auckland. 
© 2022 RadioNZ Mon 3:37pm 

Construction jobs swelled by 8.6pc in November - Stats NZ
Construction was the name of the game in the New Zealand jobs market towards the end of 2021, data from Stats NZ shows.In its release for November, Stats NZ said the number of filled jobs in construction grew by 8.6 per cent or... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Wed, 12 Jan 3:51pm 

Pokémon Go: Police fired for chasing Snorlax instead of robbers
A pair of LAPD officers lost their jobs after ignoring a robbery to play Pokémon Go instead. 
© 2022 BBCWorld Wed, 12 Jan 2:47am 

-Tech stocks manage modest rally after lackluster US jobs report

'A lot of jobs to improve Tottenham,' says Conte after loss to Chelsea
Antonio Conte says there are a "lot of jobs to do" at Tottenham after defeat by Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg. 
© 2022 BBCWorld Fri, 7 Jan 0:31am 

The summer of omicron
Ignore the incompetence of the mainstream media. Don't waste your time listening to the bat-crazy nut-jobs who preach on social media. Just enjoy the coming summer and let the world pass you by. 
© 2022 Aardvark Mon, 20 Dec 9:21am 

-Amazon launched a recruiting tool that offers senior engineers multiple jobs at once. Here's how it can help you land one of 10,000 open roles.

Student Job Search helps fill vacancies in agriculture, fishing and forestry
There's been a 76 percent increase in the number of roles Student Job Search is offering in agriculture, fishing and forestry - and student earnings from those jobs have more than doubled. 
© 2022 RadioNZ Wed, 15 Dec 10:01am 

'Not robust': Flaws in MBIE's modelling used to predict impacts of minimum wage increase, PhD student says
MBIE's modelling predicted that increasing the minimum wage to $20 would result in 9000 fewer jobs. 
© 2022 Sat, 11 Dec 5:41am 

Cheap accommodation, social sport used to entice workers for orchard jobs
Efforts to attract workers to pick and pack fruit this summer are heating up - with more employers offering incentives to attract workers. 
© 2022 RadioNZ Fri, 10 Dec 1:21pm 

Fast-tracked consent granted for $280 million Wanaka film studio
The developers say it will create 4134 jobs in its first year and boost GDP by $1.7 billion. 
© 2022 Wed, 8 Dec 2:21pm 

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