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30 Nov 2021   
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The Dating Diaries: There are 9 types of singleton. Which one are you?
Living life commitment-free comes with its fair share of perks, and as a seasoned singleton, I've found that there are 9 key types of singletons out there thriving. Maybe you're chasing your Pete Davidson dreams as a serial dater,... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Fri 8:11am 

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are dating but taking things 'extra slow'
There's a slow burn happening between Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson. 
© 2021 CNN Thu 3:52pm 

Woman goes viral on Tik Tok after revealing shocking reason her date sent her home
A TikToker has taken to the social media platform to share one of her most shocking dating experiences and it's jaw-dropping.Accountant Nikki Harding has gone viral after a recent video of her telling viewers she was once sent home... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Mon, 22 Nov 3:02pm 

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Jana Hocking's post-lockdown dating issue
OPINION: During lockdown I had been speaking to a guy who popped up in my DMs. He was cheeky, cute and had great banter so when we were finally allowed to come out of hibernation, we decided to meet up.I was a bag full of nerves!... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu, 11 Nov 9:32pm 

Psychologist who dated prisoner acted inappropriately: Health and Disability Commissioner
A prison psychologist who provided counselling to a vulnerable inmate acted inappropriately by dating him when they had both left the prison. The psychologist breached the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Mon, 8 Nov 2:12pm 

Jana Hocking on the dating 'truth bomb' she needed to hear
Opinion: When it comes to first dates, I often find myself treating them like an audition. I glam myself up, have a glass of courage (aka champagne), tell my witty jokes, laugh at his jokes like he's the world's best comedian, and... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu, 4 Nov 9:12pm 

-Hackers release Israeli LGBTQ dating site details

Fossils dating 3.5 million years found in Auckland
While digging 35 metres below the earth's surface in Mangere, Watercare's Central Interceptor team stumbled on piles of treasure. 
© 2021 RadioNZ Fri, 29 Oct 9:23am 

The Dating Diaries: How to survive a break up friendship custody battle
You know it's bad when you don't want to break up with them because their friends are really cool. You always hear about relationships where one partner doesn't like the other's friends and they roll their eyes and constantly talk... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Fri, 29 Oct 9:23am 

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Jana Hocking on the worst thing about dating in your 30s
OPINION: Remember when we were young and LIVED for the dramatics of a relationship? In high school we gossiped about who pashed who at the footy oval last Friday night. Then we would take sides when the inevitable breakups came... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu 8:31pm 

Investigation uncovers historical abuse of students at St Peter's School, Cambridge
St Peter's School, Cambridge uncovered 19 notifications of abuse dating back to the 1930s and has apologised. 
© 2021 Tue, 23 Nov 8:12pm 

The Dating Diaries: Eight dating don'ts with NZ Lockdown Memes
OPINION: Summertime can be a very confusing time to navigate dating disasters, on one hand, you've got a seriously good looking person tempting you to indulge in living your best dating disaster life and on the other you've got... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Fri, 19 Nov 6:12am 

Hollywood's prom queen could be dating the class clown
Los Angeles' prom queen is dating the class clown. Adele has a new beau. Hollywood is like high school in a lot of ways, CNN's "Pop Off" hosts say. Subscribe to the "Pop Life Chronicles" newsletter here. 
© 2021 CNN Tue, 16 Nov 6:53am 

Bluestone paving from 1880s uncovered in Dunedin
Sections of bluestone paving potentially dating back 140 years have been uncovered by workers carrying out alterations in Dunedin. 
© 2021 RadioNZ Wed, 10 Nov 6:42pm 

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The Dating Diaries: Everything you need to know about Singles' Day
OPINION: Today is the very best day in the world to be single. Why, you ask? Because it's Singles' Day. That's right singletons, today is your day. Not a loved-up couples day, not Mother's or Father's day, but your day to celebrate... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Fri, 5 Nov 7:12am 

-Match Group details plans for a dating 'metaverse,' Tinder's virtual goods-based economy

Bam Bus: Three women, one cheating ex and an adventure
Bekah, Abi and Morgan became friends after discovering they were all dating the same man. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Mon, 1 Nov 5:32pm 

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