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23 Jun 2021   
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Waikato councils, airports on standby after Covid infected tourist visited Wellington
One Hamilton City Council staffer is isolating after staying at the same hotel as the visitor with Covid-19. 
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Feral Auckland Domain rabbits could be shot, as hunting dog gets invite, bait planned to kill pests
Feral rabbits in Auckland Domain could be shot, and a rabbit dog and pest baiting are already set to tackle the rodents.Auckland Council plans to invite a regular canine guest to the city's oldest park, with the first rabbit-hunting... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 5:04pm 

Covid: Sydney faces new restrictions as cluster grows
Australia's largest city sees its worst outbreak this year as a cluster infected with the Delta strain grows. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 4:25pm 

Wellington's white-hot construction market putting council projects under pressure
Wellington's construction market is running "white hot", putting further pressure on the city council's already constrained budget.The council's new Infrastructure Committee met for the first time today, to be told the Town Hall's... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 1:05pm 

Businesses scrambling after visitor with Covid-19 tours Wellington
Wellington retailers brace themselves after a Sydney tourist with Covid-19 visits the city and lockdown is on the table. 
© 2021 1:04pm 

New speed limit of 30kmh considered for Napier CBD
Lower speed would encourage cyclists to come to city, councillor said. 
© 2021 12:15am 

Covid-19: Wellingtonians ready to take more precautions after Australian tourist with Covid-19 flew to capital
Wellington locals say they are happy to follow directions from the Government and to wear their masks more often after an Australian tourist with Covid-19 visited the city. 
© 2021 12:14am 

Covid-19: Te Papa Museum exhibit among six locations of interest for Australian tourist who tested positive
A bar, an inner-city hotel and a pharmacy were also visited by the tourist from Saturday, June 18 to Monday, June 21, Ministry of Health says. 
© 2021 9:45am 

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Euro 2020: UEFA declines Munich application for rainbow-coloured stadium
The German city's mayor made the request in protest against a new anti-LGBTQ+ law in Hungary ahead of the the Group F match between the two countries. 
© 2021 7:14am 

Stop sticking it to the farmers, city businesswoman pleads
A fired-up Invercargill businesswoman is calling on Southlanders to support the farming sector which she says has been unfairly treated. 
© 2021 Tue 6:45pm 

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Invercargill City Council questions Environment Southland's proposed rates distribution
The Invercargill City Council has questioned why its Invercargill residential ratepayers are paying disproportionally more regional council rates. 
© 2021 6:04pm 

Invercargill deputy mayor wants new museum built faster and cheaper than planned
Invercargill deputy mayor Nobby Clark wants the city’s new museum to be built about $10m cheaper and at least a year before what is being proposed. 
© 2021 4:26pm 

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Covid-19: About 37,000 Wellingtonians had been vaccinated by Monday
About 7.7 per cent of the capital's population has been immunised against Covid-19 as it's confirmed a person with the virus visited the city at the weekend. 
© 2021 1:04pm 

Why Chris Noth was 'hesitant' to join the Sex and the City reboot
Sex and the City fans now know that Chris Noth is reprising the role of Mr. Big for And Just Like That.... But there was a time when he wasn't sure if he wanted to revisit the character. 
© 2021 1:04pm 

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Wellington Covid-19 visitor: Locations of interest include Te Papa, central city bar and pharmacy
The positive Covid-19 traveller to Wellington visited to Te Papa, an inner city bar and a central city pharmacy, among locations of interest identified by the Ministry of Health. 
© 2021 RadioNZ 10:05am 

'Covid doesn't sleep at night': Judith Collins slams Ministry of Health for Wellington response
National leader says Wellingtonians should have known Covid-19 locations of interest in the city from Sydney tourist at the weekend before they went to work on Wednesday. 
© 2021 9:44am 

UEFA declines Munich application for rainbow-coloured stadium ahead of Euro 2020 game
The German city's mayor made the request in protest against a new anti-LGBT law in Hungary ahead of the the Group F match between the two countries. 
© 2021 8:04am 

Myanmar army clashes with anti-junta militia in major city
Four members of the opposition militia are reported dead in the first such clashes in a major city. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 4:04am 

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