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17 Aug 2022   
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Husband charged with murder of DHB project boss
An Auckland surgeon has been charged with the murder of his wife who was found dead in her home in April last year. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 5:47pm 

CMC - Retirement and Appointment of Directors
The Chairman of The Colonial Motor Company Limited (CMC), Ashley Waugh, has announced the upcoming retirement of Matthew Newman as a Director of CMC. Matthew stood down from his role as CEO of CMC’s largest car dealership operation, South Auckland M 
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Business backs ACT's plan for instant penalties for young offenders
ACT's new crime policy, which would issue burglars with swift penalties, is being welcomed by Auckland business groups. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 2:04pm 

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Man charged with murder over death of Pauline Hanna
A man has been charged with murdering Pauline Hanna who was found dead in Remuera, Auckland, in April last year. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 11:57am 

Snapped: 50,000 escape tickets after being caught using phones, not wearing seatbelts
Smart cameras have seen 50,000 drivers using their phones or not wearing their seatbelts on Auckland roads but they won't get tickets. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 11:17am 

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Auckland crime: Armed teens bring cameraman to liquor store holdup
Disturbing CCTV footage supplied to the Herald from an aggravated robbery over the weekend shows one young person's entire role in the crime was to catch it all on camera. The three youths accused of holding up the North Shore liquor... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 10:17am 

Auckland mayoralty race becoming 'a cult of personality', minor candidates say
Auckland's minor mayoralty candidates are arguing they are not being given a fair shake in comparison to their high profile counterparts. 
© 2022 RadioNZ 7:32am 

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Is Auckland's Royal Oak roundabout NZ's most notorious?
By Katie Fitzgerald of RNZ Royal Oak residents say more needs to be done to the local roundabout, months after its most recent upgrade.The Royal Oak roundabout underwent changes late last year after 61 crashes over a four-year... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon 8:47pm 

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Manurewa suitcase homicide mystery: Family member unsure how many bodies in grim discovery, have left city amid attention
A family member of the occupants of an Auckland property who discovered they had unwittingly purchased suitcases containing human remains says they do not know how many bodies were in them. A man at the property on Moncrieff Ave,... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 5:47pm 

Auckland mayoral race: Efeso Collins says GST on rates should go back to councils to tackle climate change
Auckland mayoral candidate Efeso Collins wants the Labour Government to return GST on rates to tackle climate change.Collins, who has been endorsed by the Labour Party, said returning the GST on rates could be the start of a smart... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 3:52pm 

'There'll be a record somewhere': Former cop on how police will be tackling grisly body in suitcases inquiry
Warning: Graphic content A former police negotiator is confident a grisly homicide investigation under way in South Auckland will be solved - but those responsible may already be overseas, he says.Ex police crisis negotiator... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 12:47am 

Brian Tamaki, Hannah Tamaki receive infringement notice for motorway protest
Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah have received infringement notices from the police following their anti-Government protest that brought gridlock to the Auckland motorway network.Hannah shared a photo of her notice online, writing:... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 11:47am 

Police charge man accused of wielding knife at Auckland gym, causing panic
A man who was taken into police custody yesterday after witnesses said he brought a knife into an Auckland gym, causing panicked members to flee, has now been charged with seven offences. The 45-year-old Sandringham resident could... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 10:52am 

Act's law and order policy allows crime-hit retailers to decide punishments for shoplifters
Retailers would have the power to decide what punishment young shoplifters receive, according to the Act Party's new plan to address crime. Leader David Seymour is unveiling his party's new law and order policy in Auckland today... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 10:17am 

Revealed: Secret Waka Kotahi cameras record 50,000 Auckland drivers unlawfully using phones
Cameras hidden around Auckland by a government agency have recorded the better part of 1000 drivers per day unlawfully using their phones behind the wheel, the Herald can reveal.The cameras were installed at three secret spots by... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 6:17am 

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