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24 Mar 2019   
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Smuggled orangutan seized at Bali airport
A Russian is arrested on suspicion of trying to take it back home to keep as a pet. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 0:45am 

Marshall Islands lays first charges to combat baby traffickers
Three people have been charged with offences relating to the illegal adoption of Marshallese babies. 
© 2019 RadioNZ 5:55pm 

Woman who saw a murder as a child retraumatised after Christchurch mosque shootings
As a young child, Katherine Singh was left traumatised after seeing a person murdered in front of her.The Christchurch woman, who grew up in Fiji, was about 5 and was left so traumatised she couldn't even wear red as it triggered... 
© 2019 NZ Herald 2:45pm 

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Document written by alleged Christchurch gunman classified 'objectionable'
Chief censor David Shanks said the document promoted murder and terrorism. 
© 2019 12:35am 

Who stole the Lindauers? Inside an art heist
In the movie version, there is a secret room behind the oak-panelled study. Charlize or Scarlett or Catherine wears black eyeliner and even blacker Lycra. Art crime is sexy. Art crime is elegant.Very early on April 1, 2017, a stolen... 
© 2019 NZ Herald 11:45am 

Utrecht shooting: Suspect Tanis admits deadly tram attack
Turkish-born Gokmen Tanis says he acted alone in the killing of three people. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Sat 6:15am 

R Kelly's defence against accusers emerges: 'All of them are lying'
"He's a rock star. He doesn't need to have nonconsensual sex," R&B singer's lawyer says. 
© 2019 Sat 3:25am 

Night parrot finding in Australia not backed up by evidence
Conservationists retract their findings, after evidence for the bird's discovery is disputed. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Sat 0:05am 

Highway 61 members sentenced for killing 'family' in rash motorcycle ride
A motorcyclist's dangerous driving set in motion a series of events which led to the death of a man he considered family. 
© 2019 Fri 2:55pm 

Jury finds Invercargill man not guilty of manslaughter after death at birthday party
An Invercargill man who punched a man at a 30th birthday last year, who later died, has been found not guilty of manslaughter. 
© 2019 Fri 2:55pm 

Restrictions lifted after no further fruit flies found in two Auckland suburbs
Fruit and vegetable restrictions have been lifted in two Auckland suburbs after weeks with no further evidence of fruit flies. 
© 2019 Fri 12:25am 

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Dad of bus crash victim: 'I feel horribly for my son's killer'
Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was sentenced to eight years in jail a year after killing 16 people in a bus crash. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 6:35pm 

Driver jailed for killing 16 on rural Canadian road
The driver who caused the deaths of 16 people on a rural Canadian road after crashing his truck into a bus carrying a junior hockey team has been sentenced to eight years in prison, Canadian media reported. 
© 2019 RadioNZ 3:25pm 

Five years' jail for Highway 61 gang member who caused death of his 'bro'
"Thank you for the support my brother. I pay condolences to my bro's whānau. I apologise. Love you Mum."James Eric Hiroki uttered those words before he was taken from Whanganui District Court on Friday having been sentenced... 
© 2019 NZ Herald 12:45am 

Trump-Russia: Special counsel Robert Mueller delivers report
Special counsel Robert Mueller will not recommend further indictments, justice department official says. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 12:25am 

Former England winger Adam Johnson released from jail
The ex-Sunderland star was jailed for six years in 2016. 
© 2019 8:25am 

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Steve Braunias: The hate that dare not speak its name
Steve Braunias reflects on the darkest week in New Zealand history. A 28-year-old man charged with murder will appear in the High Court at Christchurch on April 5. It will likely be a brief appearance. I wonder about going to look... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat 5:45am 

Man arrested after armed offenders squad storm Hokitika property
A man was arrested after armed police found a rifle and several cannabis plants at a rural West Coast property. 
© 2019 Fri 6:15pm 

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Police arrest several people for 'inciting fear' after Christchurch terror attacks
Several New Zealanders are now facing criminal charges after allegedly inciting fear and violence following the Christchurch terror attacks.Fifty people were killed in last Friday's attacks at the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Fri 12:45am 

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