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25 May 2017   
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Hit-and-run victim's mother describes 'unimaginable' hurt
Ocean Heke's mother sobbed in court as the driver who caused her 17-year-old daughter's death was sent to jail for four years. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 6:35pm 

South Korean soldier given suspended jail term for gay sex
The captain, who was not identified, collapsed after the ruling and was taken to hospital. 
© 2017 BBCWorld 4:35pm 

Alleged town lockdown robber said to have fueled two-week spree with $1500 of stolen petrol
A two-week Bay of Plenty wide crime spree was fuelled by almost $1500 of stolen petrol, court documents have revealed. 
© 2017 3:55pm 

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'Defective law' hindering justice, MP Denis O'Rourke says during Sensible Sentencing submission
Crown Prosecutors are being pushed to "dispose" of cases with monthly "efficiency reports" showing how quickly they can resolve matters, Sensible Sentencing says.Sensible Sentencing today presented the matter in a hearing before... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 1:55pm 

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Call in Fiji for everyone to work to reduce sex crime
Fiji's Minister of Defence and National Security, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, says soaring numbers of sexual offences show how the country's values have degraded. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 1:35pm 

Prison sex abuse earns 'indefinite' jail time
A sex offender with 142 previous convictions, who sexually abused his young cellmate in prison, has been sentenced to an indefinite jail term. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 1:15pm 

Govt to apologise for Parihaka atrocities
The Crown is to formally apologise for atrocities during the sacking of the pacifist settlement at Parihaka in Taranaki in 1881. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 12:15am 

Dozens arrested for smuggling gold in rectums and private parts
Dozens of South Koreans were arrested for smuggling gold in their private parts over a two year period, local media reports.The smugglers are said to have sneaked in more than two tonnes of the precious metal worth around £77 million... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 12:15am 

Hit-and-run driver sentenced to four years jail
A 21-year old King Country man has been sent to jail for four years after killing a teenager in a hit and run crash in April last year. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 11:35am 

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South Waikato excavation firm slapped with a hefty fine
A South Waikato contracting company has been slapped with a $19,000 fine for carrying out illegal earthworks. 
© 2017 4:45pm 

No Pride in Prisons slams bloated prison budget
Prison abolitionist organisation No Pride in Prisons says the 2017 Budget once again prioritises appearing tough on crime over keeping people safe. 
© 2017 3:55pm 

Lawyer leapt to save books in quake
The tale of a hero who saved countless law books has emerged seven months after the Kaikoura earthquake. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 3:15pm 

Budget 2017: $2b investment in law and order
Budget 2017 invests $1.24 billion of new operating funding over four years and $785.6 million of capital funding in law and order initiatives to help make our communities safer, Police Minister Paula Bennett, Justice and Courts Minister Amy Adams, and Corrections Minister Louise Upston say. 
© 2017 2:15pm 

Sir Ngatata Love appeal case begins
Wellington iwi leader Sir Ngatata Love is appealing against his conviction and jail term for obtaining property by deception. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 1:35pm 

Former iwi leader Sir Ngatata Love's lawyer argues he was unfit to stand trial
Disgraced Maori leader Sir Ngatata Love is fighting to clear his name on the grounds his "disabled state" made him unfit to plead and stand trial. 
© 2017 1:25pm 

Medicinal cannabis reduces seizures in children with Dravet syndrome, clinical study shows
A medicinal cannabis used on children with severe epilepsy has been found to reduce their seizures by half â?? marking the first scientific clinical evidence of plant-derived cannabinoid therapeutic medication on epilepsy. 
© 2017 12:35am 

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Dunedin's historic Cargill's Castle 'desecrated' by tagging, swastikas and illegal parties
The battle to save a historic Dunedin castle has been set back by graffiti and illegal parties. 
© 2017 11:45am 

Man who sparked massive lockdown in the South Waikato appears in court
A man arrested after a massive police manhunt that shut down a South Waikato town has appeared in court. 
© 2017 11:45am 

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