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25 Jun 2018   
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Noura Hussein: 'Hoping for a miracle to stop our daughter being hanged'
The parents of Sudanese teenager Noura Hussein speak for the first time about her alleged rape and death sentence. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 4:35pm 

Suspect in hospital after Fiji drug bust at marina
The police in Fiji say a suspect arrested in relation to a drug bust at Denarau Marina on Friday is in hospital. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 1:15pm 

Former travel agent fails in bid to get jail term slashed
A former travel agent who was jailed after taking more than $700,000 from 91 customers has failed to get her three-year sentence cut by the High Court. 
© 2018 12:45am 

Woman taunted over cooking poisons family's food, kills five
A 28-year-old housewife has been arrested after allegedly poisoning the food at a family function, killing five, including four children. According to Deutsche Presse Agentur, Maharahtra police in Western India arrested the woman,... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 11:05am 

Five youths arrested after police pursuit in Hamilton overnight
Five youths have been arrested after leading police and the Eagle helicopter on a 45-minute pursuit in a stolen car.The youngest In the vehicle was 13-years-old. Police tried to stop the driver on River Road in Hamilton at about... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 9:35am 

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Gone Fishing: Mayhem. Murder ... maybe
Explore the case of a woman who was sent to prison for life for ordering the murder of a young Auckland man, but says she never knew him and thinks he wasn't even murdered. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 7:35am 

Small business: Coaching people through their business hurdles - Untapped
Former lawyer Briony McKenzie, 26, founder of coaching firm Untapped, talks guiding people through change and starting up a coaching conference. What does your business do? Untapped is a coaching business. I primarily work with... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 5:35am 

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Gone Fishing: Convicted murderer Gail Maney fights for her innocence
A woman who was jailed for life for ordering the murder of a West Auckland man wants her case to be one of the first to be heard by a new government tribunal which will examine suspected claims of miscarriages of justice. 
© 2018 0:15am 

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Mexico town's entire police force detained after murder
Federal forces arrest 27 officers and their boss after a mayoral candidate is murdered in Michoacán. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 4:35pm 

Christchurch Crown prosecutor sued over claims she lied to a jury
The Crown and a top Christchurch prosecutor are being sued for more than $1.5m over claims they lied to a jury about a plea bargain for an alleged burglary ring's key witness.The potentially-landmark case that has rumbled on for... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 1:05pm 

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Police dog Dirk battles for fitness after surgery to remove spine tumour
The criminals and the cats will have to wait: for police dog Dirk it's all about time in the pool and on the Swiss ball as he attempts to recover from a tumour on his spine.The Hawke's Bay pooch had been part of an ace crime fighting... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 10:05am 

Teens arrested after overnight pursuit in Hamilton and Auckland
Four teenagers and one adult have been arrested after a police chase that spanned more than 80 kilometres. 
© 2018 9:25am 

Gone Fishing: New true crime podcast launches
The new crime podcast, Gone Fishing - a joint production between Stuff and RNZ - examines the case against Gail Maney and her co-accused Stephen Stone. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 7:35am 

'Breast implant illness': So many people don't believe what we're saying - Young NZ woman
A young NZ woman believes her breast implants were making her sick, and thousands of others say they are having similar experiences - but the medical community says there is no evidence of the link. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 7:15am 

Russia's World Cup fixer deals with scams and injuries
MOSCOW (AP) — Oleg Semyonov is Russia's World Cup fixer. The call center he runs for fans is a hubbub of talk in several languages, resolving taxi scams, ticket fraud and even medical emergencies."Fans from Tunisia, Morocco, Asian... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 0:55am 

Gone Fishing: New true crime podcast launches
A woman sentenced to life in prison for the 1989 murder of a man says she is innocent, and she's fighting to clear her name. 
© 2018 0:15am 

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