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20 Jan 2021   
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Firefighters battle large scrub fire in Hawke's Bay overnight
Firefighters have spent much of the night at the scene of a large scrub fire in Hawke's Bay. Crews were called to the blaze on Korokipo Rd, in Fernhill, about 10.45pm and put up to six properties at risk. DO YOU KNOW MORE? EMAIL... 
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-Brexit robbed me of my chance to try Nando's sauce, says British expat
-Trump sees power as private property – a habit shared by autocrats throughout the ages
-Veru Announces Nature Medicine Publication Demonstrating that Enobosarm, an Androgen Receptor Targeted Agent, Inhibits Hormone Receptor Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer that has Become Resistant to Estrogen Receptor Targeted Endocrine and CDK4/6 Inhibit
-Power napping is my superpower – and in six simple steps it can be yours too
-U.S. exempts aid groups from blacklisting of Yemen's Houthis
-Global Non-cryogenic Air Separation Plants Industry

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Waikeria prison protest result of government failing to act on its own advice
OPINION: Despite numerous reports commissioned by governments over the past 30 years, we are yet to see the changes needed to transform the justice system. 
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'Extreme concern' southerners not scanning tracer app QR codes
Southerners are getting slack at scanning tracer app QR codes when entering businesses and it’s putting the health of everyone at risk. 
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Canterbury DHB not ready to go without a Crown monitor, health minister says
Board members and senior medical staff disagree on whether or not this is a good decision for the embattled DHB. 
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Covid-19: What do you do if you can't scan a QR code or sign a sheet?
Many businesses have got rid of physical sign-in sheets and scanning a QR code requires a smartphone, meaning some Kiwis are unable to register their movements. 
© 2021 5:35am 

Several women harassed in New Plymouth park over the last year, police say
A woman who was attacked in broad daylight on a popular walking and biking track is among several other woman who were harassed in the same place, police say. 
© 2021 5:35am 

Bags one of these to keep your cheese fresher for longer
Some like it hard, some soft and creamy. But whatever cheese tickles your tastebuds, there's a simple way to show it a little more love. 
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The Good Lord Bird: All eyes on Ethan Hawke in Neon's latest wild ride
REVIEW: Like last year’s riotous 18th Russian-romp The Great, this is history with a raucous, rambunctious streak that makes for riveting viewing. 
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Meghan 'would have known letter could become public', argues Mail on Sunday in court case
Lawyers for the Mail on Sunday claim in court she knew a letter to her father could be made public. 
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-Pandemic support at center of Yellen confirmation hearing
-Biden can transform the US from a humanitarian laggard into a global leader – here's how
-evTS Announces Endorsement by Former World No. 1 and Hall of Fame Golfer for Its FireFly®ESV Electric Vehicle
-Merkel accused of cherrypicking virus advisers who favour tough lockdown
-US backs WHO reforms lead by member states
-Global Non-Woven Glass Fiber Prepreg Industry
-Iraq postpones date for early elections by four months
-Brussels gives tentative backing to EU coronavirus 'passports' to boost travel
-Haines says 'we are a long ways' from Iran returning to nuclear deal

Elderly woman in tears after shock $1000 power bill
An elderly woman was left in tears after a shock power bill claiming she owed her electricity provider more than $1000.West Auckland resident Hazel Jones thought she was up to date with her bill - but Genesis Energy claims she has... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 5:35am 

How are SH6 speed limit changes being received, one month in?
As the rubber meets the road on SH6 speed limit changes between Blenheim and Nelson, police and road users are already seeing some positive signs. 
© 2021 5:35am 

Public housing waitlist grows by 1000 in two months to new record high as high rents hit the poor
New figures show tens of thousands waiting for public home, while hundreds of thousands using accomodation supplement. 
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A letter to ... my father
The letter I always wanted to write 
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Police slash annual cannabis operation, blind siding frontline staff and officials
Police have quietly shelved their annual cannabis eradication operation in a move that has blindsided staff and the police minister. 
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Dramatic Titahi Bay rip rescue: 'I couldn't watch them die in front of my eyes'
When two children got 'sucked out' by a notorious rip at Porirua's Titahi Bay, Mark McAdams braved the treacherous water, but feared he'd drown too. 
© 2021 5:35am 

Wild Mountain Thyme: A Blunt Irish love story where charm overcomes credibility
REVIEW: This is not a film short on laughs, even if not all of them are entirely intentional. 
© 2021 5:35am 

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