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8 Aug 2020   
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Air India Covid repatriation flight breaks in two during crash landing
An Air India Express plane with 191 people on board has crashed at an airport in the southern state of Kerala, killing at least 16 people, officials say. 
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-Cuomo clears New York schools statewide to open, carefully
-Plane skids off runway in India; 16 killed, dozens hurt
-EU mulls offering British expats additional freedom of movement rights
-US slaps sanctions on Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam over free speech crackdown

Club footballer shocked at lengthy ban for referee abuse
But the sport's regional governing body says a referee was threatened and abused, and the one-year ban was deserved. 
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Making money in a pandemic
OPINION: Yes, there are ways to make a fortune in a pandemic. 
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Review of $2 billion Police Super Scheme after it underperforms KiwiSaver
Review begins after Police pension scheme underperforms KiwiSaver. 
© 2020 5:55am 

The animal products hiding in your food and drink
Your favourite wine might contain traces of fish bladder. 
© 2020 5:55am 

Mike Moore on Ardern and the emergence of 'super political leaders'
Mike Moore was Prime Minister under Labour for 59 days before the 1990 general election elected a new Parliament.Author Peter Parussini spent time with him the week before his death in February for his new book, Believer - Conversations... 
© 2020 NZ Herald 5:45am 

Family go to police after baby's death at Auckland Hospital: 'You just play through it all in your head'
She was woken in the middle of the night because her baby had died.Theo Ilich, barely 48 hours old, was in an incubator so light therapy could bathe his jaundice.His mother, Joanne Rimmer, lay beside him. It was the evening of... 
© 2020 NZ Herald 5:45am 

Women's Cricket World Cup pushed back 12 months
The women's 50-over Cricket World Cup that was scheduled to be held in New Zealand in February-March next year has been postponed to 2022. 
© 2020 RadioNZ 5:35am 

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The journey back from parliamentary oblivion
In 1978, Mike Moore chose the Papanui seat in Christchurch to bid for a return to Parliament, after losing Eden, in Auckland, three years earlier. 
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-Winfrey demanding justice for Breonna Taylor with billboards
-AP Exclusive: Woman is 1st in US to get 2nd face transplant
-Global Force Sensors Industry
-Iran indifferent to Trump envoy's quitting amid embargo push
-Virus resistant: World's Longest Yard Sale still lines roads
-UK and Japan look to seal trade deal within month
-State Department: We're responsible for Russian, Iranian text message campaign

What is Tencent?
The Chinese firm's investments include Fortnite, Tesla and Universal Music - but it's under fire in the US. 
© 2020 BBCWorld 5:55am 

Election 2020: Race to uncommon ground has replaced the contest of ideas
The posturing in Auckland Central should see the electorate renamed Auckland Circus. 
© 2020 5:55am 

The vegan who worked in a slaughterhouse
OPINION: After working where they were killed, I could not bring myself to eat animals. 
© 2020 5:55am 

Are buy-now-pay-later platforms killing credit cards?
Young people more likely to Afterpay may be partly to blame for falling card popularity. 
© 2020 5:55am 

Jim Bolger's new book: A Nats-Green coalition, rating John Key and Winston Peters' 'disloyalty'
Jim Bolger was the country's Prime Minister for seven years under National until the party staged a caucus room coup while he was out of the country in 1997 and he resigned.Jenny Shipley became the country's first female Prime Minister.In... 
© 2020 NZ Herald 5:45am 

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Herald morning quiz: August 8
Test your brains with the Herald's morning quiz. Be sure to check back on at 3pm for the afternoon quiz. To challenge yourself with more quizzes, CLICK HERE. 
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Sports Quiz: August 8
Test your sporting knowledge with the Herald Sports Quiz brought to you by Spark Sport. Do you know your Tom Bradys from your Tom Lathams, your White Ferns from your White Sox? Be sure to check back each day to see if you're keeping... 
© 2020 NZ Herald 5:15am 

Kiwis have trout fishing's winter of gold all to themselves
The fish are jumpin' but predictions aren't for such high times in summer if big spending international tourists can't return to Taupo. 
© 2020 5:05am 

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