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22 Feb 2018   
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Kaitaia man named NZ's Local Hero of the Year at Kiwibank NZer of the Year awards
A Northland man who was locked in a mental hospital as a boy and told he was on a pathway to jail has been named New Zealand's Local Hero of the Year.Ricky Houghton, the chief executive of He Korowai Trust in Kaitaia, received the... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 11:43pm 

Armed Offenders Squad called following family harm incident
The Armed Offenders Squad was deployed after police believed a man was in possession of a firearm following a family harm incident in Huntly, in Waikato.Police have arrested a 42-year-old man in relation to the incident.Nine police... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 9:43pm 

Andrew Little: 'Longer sentences, more prisoners - it doesn't work and it has to stop'
Minister of Justice Andrew Little has laid out a vision for criminal justice reform which sees sentencing law relaxed and a rejection of "tough on crime"-style politics.His comments during an interview with the NZ Herald have... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 8:43pm 

Sexual deviant breaches extended supervision order soon after jail release
A man who indecently assaulted a baby boy is in trouble for breaching an order designed to protect the community from high-risk sexual offenders. 
© 2018 6:33pm 

'Don't go in there, you'll puke': Sewage leak causes big stink at new Christchurch Justice Precinct
A leaky building issue at Christchurch's $300 million justice and emergency services precinct has created a stink just five months after opening.A sewage leak at the Precinct is the latest issue to face staff after the Māori... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 5:13pm 

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Man arrested over shooting incident at Ahipara on Monday
Police have arrested a man who went on the run after allegedly shooting at a house in the Far North on Monday.The 44-year-old was arrested "without incident", Detective Sergeant Mark Dalzell said.He has been charged with assault... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 4:43pm 

Christchurch criminal 'too old' to keep offending
At 38 and facing a lengthy jail term, Cade Lee Manuel has decided he is "too old for this". 
© 2018 3:13pm 

Man arrested over body found in car in Wellington
A Lower Hutt man has been arrested and charged with murder over the death of a young woman whose body was found in a car in Wellington's Aro Valley two weeks ago. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 2:44pm 

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Dutch prosecutors to decide on criminal tobacco case
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) Dutch prosecutors are set to announce whether they will open a criminal investigation into four major tobacco companies on charges including attempted murder or manslaughter.Amsterdam lawyer Benedicte... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 10:44pm 

Euthanasia advocate acted with 'true nobility of spirit'
A euthanasia advocate accused of helping another woman kill herself acted with "compassion" and "nobility", a jury has been told. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 9:04pm 

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Explosion at US embassy in Montenegro
An assailant threw an explosive device into the embassy compound before killing himself. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:13pm 

Abused students complaints ignored at Hawaiian school
Complaints by students who suffered decades of horrific abuse were ignored and key evidence destroyed, says their Honolulu attorney. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 5:24pm 

44 per cent of Australian criminal deportees have reoffended in NZ
Almost half the criminals deported to New Zealand from Australia have reoffended. 
© 2018 4:53pm 

Convicted killer Leith Rex Ray to be released on parole
After spending more than half his life in custody, convicted killer Leith Rex Ray is set to be released on parole. The 43-year-old is serving a life sentence for the double murder of Te Akau couple John and Josie Harrisson in June... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 4:43pm 

44-year-old arrested after AOS callout in Ahipara
A 44-year-old man been arrested in connection with an AOS callout in the Far North town of Ahipara where shots were fired at a local house. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 4:23pm 

Arrest made following shooting in Ahipara, Northland
A man has been arrested after a shooting in Ahipara on Monday sent the Far North town into virtual lockdown. 
© 2018 4:03pm 

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