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28 Jan 2020   
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Offside: Soccer injury voids Auckland couple's travel insurance
When Kevin Blakeman took the soccer field with buddies for a Sunday league game, he didn't realise he was a kick away from upheaving his young family's life.An accidentally rough tackle on the field broke his leg and left him in... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri 5:55am 

Trade Me sells LifeDirect back to former owner
Trade Me has sold its LifeDirect business back to the financial adviser it bought it from, saying the insurance comparison website doesn't fit its portfolio anymore.Lower Hutt-based financial adviser Mark Solomon has agreed to buy... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Wed 1:15pm 

The thing unsatisfied insurance customers have in common - Consumer NZ research
People who buy insurance through their bank or broker are much less likely to be a satisfied customer, research from Consumer New Zealand has revealed.Just 47 per cent who bought house insurance from a bank and 51 per cent who bought... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Wed 11:55am 

Australian bushfires a stark reminder of the value we place in home
OPINION: Our homes hold so much more value than just their monetary value, writes AA Insurance boss. 
© 2020 Sun, 12 Jan 5:45am 

Earthquake insurance tribunal gearing up for busier 2020
From frustration and tears to entrenched disputes, the earthquake tribunal has had a busy first six months. 
© 2020 Sat, 28 Dec 7:25am 

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RBNZ critics applaud governance changes, deposit insurance
Greater powers for the Reserve Bank to monitor banks and hold directors and executives to account are long overdue and needed to bring New Zealand into line with the rest of the world, legal experts say.Finance minister Grant Robertson... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Thu, 19 Dec 2:35pm 

$50,000 bank deposit insurance planned for New Zealand
Bank deposits of up to $50,000 will be covered by a deposit insurance scheme. 
© 2020 Wed, 18 Dec 11:25am 

Christchurch Town Hall's cleaning and electricity prove costly for Vbase
Christchurch's Town Hall is pushing Vbase into the red with power bills at $50k a month and $808k a year for insurance. 
© 2020 Sat, 14 Dec 5:45am 

Almost half of CBL shareholders sign up to LPF-backed action
The LPF Group-backed class action against collapsed insurance company CBL Corp and its directors now has nearly 50 per cent of eligible shareholders signed up to its suit.Harbour Asset Management managing director Andrew Bascand,... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 10 Dec 1:45pm 

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Life insurance advocate says industry 'could do better' but suggests more get cover
Financial Services Council says sector 'could do better' but there's still a point to insurance. 
© 2020 Thu 3:55pm 

Live chat: Expert answers your insurance questions
As part of our deep-dive into the insurance industry, the NZ Herald has invited a financial expert to answer questions sent in by readers. Whether you're concerned about the types of insurance you actually need, the major pitfalls... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Wed 1:15pm 

Reserve Bank suggests life insurance providing poor value for money
Policies costly and patchy, some insurers close to the line when it comes to solvency, Reserve Bank suggests. 
© 2020 Wed 1:15pm 

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Insurance company tactics ensure consumers have zero trust in the industry
OPINION: It was a straight forward mishap when travelling. But the insurance claim was anything but. 
© 2020 Sat, 11 Jan 7:15am 

Don't lie, prove you own it, don't stay away for too long: Here's how to avoid insurance hiccups
A woman tried to claim for US$3325 bag - but had no receipt to prove she owned it. 
© 2020 Sat, 28 Dec 5:45am 

Record insurance repairs for cars smashed by hail in Timaru
An Australian team of hail damage experts has set up shop in Timaru to tackle thousands of repairs. 
© 2020 Mon, 23 Dec 9:55am 

Govt to insure up to $50,000 bank deposits, set up a new financial stability board
The government has decided to introduce insurance of retail bank deposits up to $50,000 per institution and says that will likely fully cover more than 90 per cent of depositors.Finance Minister Grant Robertson said the deposit... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Wed, 18 Dec 4:35pm 

Takanini fire: United Movers customers urged to check insurance policies
Every last item at an Auckland moving company was destroyed when a huge blaze broke out. 
© 2020 Sun, 15 Dec 3:55pm 

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Dodgy plumbing work could put your insurance is at risk
Renovator who wasn't licensed gets fined. 
© 2020 Thu, 12 Dec 1:45pm 

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