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24 Sep 2019   
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Quake resolution service criticised for pushing dying man to take weak court case
An insurance resolution service encouraged a dying man to pursue a weak case, High Court says. 
© 2019 Mon 7:45pm 

Budget Buster: Alcohol, insurance, and you
OPINION: Some things just don't mix well with liquor, and "insurance" is one of them. 
© 2019 Sun 5:25am 

An online court could fix life insurance industry
An online insurance court is needed to revolutionise the life insurance industry. 
© 2019 Tue, 17 Sep 1:45pm 

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Man who chose to skip flight denied insurance payout
Traveller sought compensation when he chose not to risk a flight to his cruise. 
© 2019 Thu, 12 Sep 5:25am 

Trade Minister David Parker working hard on 'insurance' as WTO approaches cliff edge
Bleak warning NZ could be left unable to enforce trade and other rules against states or companies. 
© 2019 Fri, 6 Sep 5:45pm 

Insurance fraud isn't a victimless crime - other policyholders pay
OPINION: Cutting the $614m fraudulent claims a year should make insurance cheaper. 
© 2019 Wed, 4 Sep 5:45am 

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Government action demanded as insurance premiums rocket
An apartment owner facing skyrocketing premiums is demanding government take over the natural disaster insurance industry. 
© 2019 Tue, 27 Aug 8:15pm 

'Test case' for on-solds quake insurance issue likely to go ahead
$300m to sort "on sold" earthquake home repair issues hasn't swayed a group from taking EQC to court. 
© 2019 Tue, 20 Aug 4:35pm 

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Christchurch Earthquake Insurance Tribunal settles first case
There have been 21 applications to the new quake insurance claim resolution service since it started up two months ago. 
© 2019 Sun, 18 Aug 8:25pm 

The heart-stopping anxiety of submitting a travel insurance claim
OPINION: It's free, but it wouldn't have paid out for me. 
© 2019 Sat, 17 Aug 5:15am 

Insurers cut off Hong Kong travel insurance cover
Kiwis travelling to Hong Kong can no longer get insurance cover that will pay out if their travel is disrupted by the protests with several major insurers.And for those who have already got insurance any claims related to the protests... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Thu, 15 Aug 6:15pm 

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RBNZ needs more resources, not more powers: Bascand
The Reserve Bank needs more resources rather than new powers to better fulfill its role as prudential regulator of insurance companies, deputy governor Geoff Bascand says 
© 2019 Mon 8:56am 

Legal scrap brewing in Christchurch over $4m insurance payout
Leftover money from an insurance payout for an earthquake damaged building is up for grabs, and everyone wants a piece of it. 
© 2019 Wed 2:45pm 

FMA, RBNZ disappointed by life insurers' response; $1.4m of issues found
Sixteen New Zealand insurers have identified more than 75,000 customer issues valued at least $1.4 million but regulators still say they are disappointed by the life insurance industry's response to their conduct and culture review 
© 2019 Tue, 17 Sep 11:25am 

Christchurch city council grapples with how to fully cover risk to its under-insured roads and pipes
The council needs to increase the cover on its roads and pipes but insurance for those is expensive and hard to get. 
© 2019 Fri, 6 Sep 9:05pm 

Insurance industry creates 'fraud bureau' to wage war on fake claims
Kiwis will be encouraged to dob others in for making false insurance claims. 
© 2019 Tue, 3 Sep 12:15am 

The importance of travel insurance
OPINION: It's all in the fine print ... if you can decipher it, that is. 
© 2019 Sat, 31 Aug 5:05am 

Tesla heads down new road with car insurance in California
Tesla has begun offering insurance to its customers in California. 
© 2019 Thu, 29 Aug 2:45pm 

A strange tale of floods, builders and a kitchen blender
A flood and botched insurance job has forced a couple out of their home for almost two years. But it's a story with some strange twists. 
© 2019 Fri, 23 Aug 7:55am 

AMI Insurance office closure irks customer who prefers dealings face-to-face
The closure of an insurance company's small town office is unfair on people who prefer to deal face to face with companies than online, a South Taranaki man says. 
© 2019 Tue, 20 Aug 12:25am 

Air NZ's Air Points data breach test for cyber insurance
OPINION: Cyber insurance won't help recover Air New Zealand's representational damage from its phishing attack. 
© 2019 Sat, 17 Aug 5:15am 

Travellers heading to Hong Kong told to check insurance policies
Will you be covered if your Hong Kong trip is disrupted? 
© 2019 Fri, 16 Aug 11:46am 

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