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23 Jan 2018   
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Close call with clued-up phone scammer has residents concerned
A Dairy Flat resident has given a cunning 'Spark' scammer a dose of the dial tone, but she fears others won't get away so lightly. 
© 2018 1:54pm 

Apple may cancel iPhone X due to low sales
The latest Apple leak has revealed the firm could cancel the iPhone X.In a new report, an analyst says the new model's disappointing sales could lead to the phone being cancelled - with production stopping as soon as this winter.This... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 9:54am 

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Book provides guide on beating mobile phone addiction
Let's get something clear: I'm not going to tell you that you should throw your phone under a bus.Just as breaking up with a person doesn't mean you're swearing off all human relationships, 'breaking up' with your phone doesn't... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 2:04pm 

Ronaldo borrows doctor's phone to check facial injury on pitch
"The most Ronaldo moment ever" Twitter deemed, as the star could not wait to check a facial cut. 
© 2018 BBCWorld Mon 11:54am 

Addicted to your smartphone? Now there's an app for that.
Did you text? Sorry, I can't see messages right now. Arianna Huffington locked my phone. 
© 2018 Mon 8:44am 

Paul Little: Say hello and put down that cellphone
A generation ago I wrote a magazine editorial about attending my son's Saturday morning soccer game and seeing another parent on the sideline who spent the whole time on his phone rather than being fully present.You'll have noticed... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Sun 5:44am 

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Brunch review: Beam, Milford
SET UP & SITE After having shown up for breakfast at more than one Auckland establishment only to find it was closed, the advertised hours were wrong or bookings were required, I thought I'd be smart and phone Beam ahead of time.... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Sat 9:44am 

North Korean phone users get photo beauty app
Spring Scent is the latest homegrown app available to North Korea's 3.5 million smartphone owners. 
© 2018 BBCWorld Thu 9:35pm 

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Montana mandates 'net neutrality' for state contracts
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) Montana on Monday became the first state to bar telecommunications companies from receiving state contracts if they interfere with internet traffic or favor higher-paying sites or apps, under an order from Gov.... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 12:34am 

$113 for two-minute after-hours vet call for sick hedgehog
A South Waikato man is furious at being charged $113 for a two minute phone call to his vet. 
© 2018 9:24am 

Philanthropists donate $100 million to 2 Boston hospitals
BOSTON (AP) Two of Boston's premier hospitals on Monday received a combined $100 million gift from a telecommunications executive and his wife that they hope will revolutionize innovation and patient care.Boston Children's Hospital... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 8:34am 

Vocus contracted for Melanesia undersea cable
The Australian telecommunications company Vocus has secured a contract to lay an internet submarine cable to link Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. 
© 2018 RadioNZ Mon 1:34pm 

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Football: Cristiano Ronaldo checks bloody head injury with Real Madrid physio's phone
Cristiano Ronaldo reinforced his claim as the vainest footballer in the world after he appeared to take a Real Madrid physio's smartphone in order to check damage to his face.The Portuguese, who netted a brace in Real Madrid's 7-1... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 8:14am 

Addicted to your smartphone? There's an app for that
Did you text? Sorry, I can't see messages right now. Arianna Huffington locked my phone.The media tycoon turned wellness entrepreneur wants to keep you out of your phone, too, with a new app called Thrive. Its goal is to make... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Sat 12:04am 

Apple will let you choose between your phone's speed, its battery life
Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Wednesday that you'll soon be able to make the decision between your iPhone's performance and its battery life, following controversy over the company's decision to do it for you.Cook said that... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Fri 9:24am 

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