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21 Mar 2018   
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NBA players have social media disease, addicted to their phones
Jason Terry knows he's breaking the rules, but he can't help it. In the Milwaukee Bucks' locker room 75 minutes before a matchup with the visiting Washington Wizards, the veteran guard's eyes are lowered, in deep inspection of his phone. 
© 2018 11:53pm 

Rugby player adds all 52 women from his phone into a WhatsApp group
One brave man took an unusual approach to getting some female company on a lonely night and messaged 52 girls asking them if they were free.Don Flanagan, from Batley, West Yorkshire, messaged all the girls in his phone book at the... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Sun 9:23am 

Jonny Wilkinson: Driving on autopilot, a troublesome telco and mindfulness
It's amazing what one can do on autopilot. Recently I was driving along listening to RNZ, which was broadcasting an interview with Alex Pressman, the seaweed man. He was talking about biology, fungus and the world's food supply.... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Fri 1:53pm 

Taranaki boxing coach off to Commonwealth Games
Despite travelling all over the world for boxing, a Taranaki coach was surprised when he picked up the phone call that told him he'd been selected to coach at the Commonwealth Games. 
© 2018 Thu 5:13pm 

Bali bans mobile internet over holiday
Phone companies agree to turn off mobile internet for 24 hours in Bali to mark the local New Year. 
© 2018 BBCWorld Thu 9:33am 

Man allegedly called 'f***wit' in customer service blunder
A Ford salesman has allegedly been recorded calling a customer an expletive over the phone after apparently thinking he had already hung up.The incident occurred after the customer, Xander Svetman, wrote a public Facebook post complaining... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Wed, 14 Mar 4:03pm 

Robot rides are going to deliver pizza and parcels before people
In the wait for self-driving technology, cell-phone toting tech bros may have to cede their spot in line to pizzas, second hand couches and the mounting ephemera of e-commerce. 
© 2018 Wed, 14 Mar 12:04am 

2degrees to switch off 2G network
Telecommunications company 2degrees will switch off its 2G network later this week. 
© 2018 RadioNZ Mon, 12 Mar 3:13pm 

Thousands of mobile devices set to stop working, as 2degrees turns off 2G network
Thousands of 2degrees customers will have to upgrade their phones this week or change to another provider as the telco switches off its 2G network.Devices that could connect to 3G or 4G would not be affected but those that could... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon, 12 Mar 11:23am 

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Driverless cars will deliver pizza and parcels before people
In the wait for self-driving technology, cell-phone toting tech bros may have to cede their spot in line to pizzas, Craigslist couches and the mounting ephemera of e-commerce.The future - at least in the near-term - will not only... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 9:23am 

Big brother watching cats and dogs - but it's for their own good
Looking after the family pet has gone high tech with facial recognition, locator devices and pet doors controlled by phone a few of the new tools to keep tabs on cats and dogs. The big brother type advances not only mean lost... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Sat 5:53am 

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Waipa cell towers signalling trouble for television sets
Cell phone towers are beginning to pop up all over the Waipa district but there's a few in Cambridge which could be signalling trouble. 
© 2018 Fri 11:33am 

2degrees shuts down 2G network
2degrees says the closure of its 2G phone network overnight so far only appears to have caught a few customers by surprise. 
© 2018 Thu 10:33am 

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Aggravated robbery victim's family calls for tougher penalties after spate of Hamilton heists
Family of a Hamilton dairy owner left with a fractured skull after being attacked with a machete are calling for armed robbers to get tougher sentences.Emm Jay Dairy owner Sandip Patel was on the phone to his brother-in-law, Jay... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Wed, 14 Mar 3:43pm 

This magnetic dashboard phone mount is under $10 today
This two-pack deal from KEKU works with a wide range of smartphones, but you'll need a phone case that supports magnetic mounts. 
© 2018 PC World Wed, 14 Mar 8:13am 

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