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28 Jan 2020   
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Huawei Poised to Get Go-Ahead for U.K.ís 5G Networks Tuesday
Boris Johnson is preparing to defy American demand to ban Huawei Technologies from the U.K.ís fifth-generation telecommunications networks, in a decision that risks an angry backlash from within his own ruling Conservative Party. The prime minister& 
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White supremacist Philip Arps opposes release conditions
White supremacist may have a range of extra conditions imposed on his release after he composed dozens of concerning phone calls and letters while in prison. 
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'Phubbing' your children could put them at risk of depression - study
A new study shows that "phubbing" - the act of "snubbing" people to look at your phone - can lead to an increased risk of depression in children, when it's done by the parents.The Chinese study looked at 530 children aged 10-18... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri 4:05pm 

Jeff Bezos's phone hacking explained: What you need to know for your own security
The explosive conclusion by cybersecurity consultants and United Nations officials that the richest man in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, was hacked has raised fresh questions about the security of the ordinary apps and devices millions of people use every day. 
© 2020 CNN Thu 5:35pm 

The 'malicious' text Saudi Prince MBS sent world's richest man Jeff Bezos
Material extracted from Jeff Bezos' phone included personal photos, messages, and possibly recordings. 
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Jeff Bezos hack: UN experts demand probe of Saudi crown prince
The UN experts' call comes amid reports Mohammed bin Salman's phone was used to hack the Amazon boss. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Thu 10:05am 

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-DAVOS-Saudi foreign minister calls claim that Crown Prince hacked Bezos phone 'absurd'

Saudi Arabia denies it hacked Jeff Bezos' phone after crown prince implicated
A forensics team hired by Jeff Bezos has concluded with medium to high probability that a hack of the Amazon CEO's mobile phone originated from an account controlled by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a source. 
© 2020 CNN Thu 1:45am 

Napier phone pest warned 'jail next time' after calling woman 108 times in 3 weeks
A Napier man arrested for making harassing phone calls to young women had called one victim 108 times in three weeks.John Wayne Geddes, 31, appeared in the Napier District Court on Tuesday and was sentenced to 18 months' probationary... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Wed 2:15pm 

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Wellington City smart phone users made Saturday's shake a GeoNet record breaker
More people reported feeling Wellington's 5.4 quake on Saturday than Kaikoura's M7.8 jolt. 
© 2020 Mon 7:05pm 

TSB issues warning over phone scam
Automated "robo" calls are targeting Kiwis at random. 
© 2020 Mon 7:05pm 

For the rich and famous, there's no silver bullet to avoid phone hacks
The world might be turning to technology to solve everything from traffic to dating, but no one app or gadget will save the rich and famous from falling prey to cyberattacks, according to digital security experts. 
© 2020 CNN Sun 6:25am 

This year's Samsung Galaxy phones may be called the S20 and S20+
Samsung will soon reveal its new Galaxy phones, and they are likely called the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, with a potential third phone being the premium, higher-end option. 
© 2020 CNN Sat 10:25am 

Apple says losing Lightning port will create waste
Some members of the European Parliament want all phone-makers to adopt a universal port. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Fri 5:05am 

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Burglar traps himself in Vancouver store
A burglar in a phone shop in Vancouver had to wait for police after getting trapped by a security fence. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Thu 4:15pm 

Invercargill woman ends up with fake cash for her phone
An Invercargill woman says she feels violated after receiving fake money for her phone. 
© 2020 Thu 2:15pm 

-Daily Crunch: Saudis probably hacked Bezos' phone
-Jeff Bezosís phone may have been hacked after receiving WhatsApp from Saudi crown prince MBS, say UN experts

Google's new solution for phone addiction is to seal it in an envelope so you can't look at it
The company that has spent over a decade focusing on getting you to look at your phone has gone in the complete other direction and now wants to help you stop, and it's going about it in some certifiably weird ways.Google has released... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Thu 5:45am 

-Saudi involved in hacking of Amazon boss Bezos' phone, U.N. report will say
-Saudis get dragged for requesting an investigation of 'absurd' claims crown prince hacked Jeff Bezos' phone
-U.N. officials press Saudi Arabia on hack of Jeff Bezos's phone
-Saudi Arabia denies hacking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone

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