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28 Jun 2017   
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'I've sent someone to kill you': Princess Diana's threatening phone calls to Camilla
An explosive biography of Camilla - to mark her 70th birthday next month - lifts the lid on her affair with Charles.Yesterday in the Mail , royal author Penny Junor, who talked to Camilla's friends and family, revealed how the... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 5:15pm 

-8 ways to repurpose your old phoneNZ Located

Worries about American Samoan authority's cashflow
There's mounting concern in American Samoa over the financial state of the local telecommunications authority. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Tue 8:45am 

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Sky, Vodafone drop $3.44b merger plan
Sky Network Television and Vodafone New Zealand have terminated their merger agreement which aimed to create the country's largest telecommunications and media group, and have withdrawn an appeal against the Commerce Commission's... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Mon 9:55am 

Restaurant review: 1947, Auckland CBD
Address: 60 Federal St, Auckland Phone: (09) 377 0033 Website: Dishes $8-$25 Have you noticed how so many Indian restaurant menus say one dish has "masala spices", another has "Indian spices" and... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sun 1:35pm 

Jack Tame: Uncovering the naked truth
I do wonder, if faced with the quandary, a jury might reasonably acquit someone of murder on the defence that they'd been pushed into a rage by a telecommunications call centre.After more than an hour on the phone with a score of... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sun 6:05am 

Broadband boss: Not perfect, but we're getting better
New Chorus boss Kate McKenzie didn't plan it that way, but her CV reads as though it was custom designed to lead a company like Chorus.She has a law degree, experience in government, heading the regulation of telco infrastructure,... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 5:55am 

Telco Commissioner Stephen Gale reappointed for another 3 years as govt pushes reform package
Communications Minister Simon Bridges has reappointed incumbent Telecommunications Commissioner Stephen Gale to the role for another three years, saying he provides “stability and continuity” at a time where the sector is undergoing significan 
© 2017 Thu 12:35am 

Samsung could be introducing a new flip phone to the market
If you were looking for a reason to not hold out for the iPhone 8, one of Apple's competitors could have the solution.Samsung is preparing to introduce a new phone to the market in coming weeks and it's not the highly anticipated... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 7:55am 

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As NZ cheered, one Wellington family rejoiced a little louder
There are very few times it is okay to yell expletives to your parents down the phone from the other end of the world. When you have just won the America's Cup is one. 
© 2017 1:56pm 

Grant Dalton jokes as his phone rings with the world watching: 'That'll be Russell'
Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton couldn't resist a light-hearted crack at his old rival Sir Russell Coutts as he spoke of his delight at finally winning the America's Cup. 
© 2017 Tue 8:55am 

Phone calls and texts of accused men under scrutiny at trial
A man had multiple conversations, while behind bars, with others involved in an alleged conspiracy to put pressure on a police complainant to change his statement, a court has heard. 
© 2017 Mon 5:55pm 

Sky TV, Vodafone drop $3.44 billion merger plan, withdraw appeal
Sky Network Television and Vodafone New Zealand have terminated their merger agreement which aimed to create the country's largest telecommunications and media group, and have withdrawn an appeal against the Commerce Commission's rejection of the plan 
© 2017 Mon 9:25am 

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The iPhone feature Steve Jobs wanted, but never got
Steve Jobs was convinced that the iPhone needed a second "back" button in addition to the famous home button that exists to this day, one of the phone's architects has said.Imran Chaudhri, a senior Apple designer who left the company... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 2:35pm 

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Need a new phone cover? Shoot a possum, tan its hide, and make your own
A North Island farmer's daughter has fashioned a novel smartphone case from a possum she shot at the family farm. 
© 2017 Fri 2:05pm 

Bike lock blocks rider's phone
A telecom company in the Netherlands has developed a bicycle lock that also blocks its mobile network, in a move aimed at protecting young riders who regularly pedal through busy streets while looking at their phone. 
© 2017 Thu 9:45am 

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