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23 Jan 2018   
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Amazon's new store without checkouts doesn't quite Go to plan
Amazon's first "supermarket of the future" was hit with teething problems because a sophisticated algorithm monitoring shoppers failed to take into account naughty children. The Amazon Go store, which has no checkouts, opened its doors in Seattle for the first time on Monday after a year of testing to perfect the technology. Instead of tills, it uses dozens of ceiling-mounted cameras to identify customers and to track which items they pick up and leave with. Before arriving at the store, shoppers must download the Amazon Go smartphone app and enter their card details. The app connects to sensors on shop shelves, which add items to customers' digital shopping baskets as they pick them up. Their card is charged when they leave. Items are removed from the basket if returned to the shelves. 
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Video replays will be used at Fifa World Cup for the first time
Video replays will be used at the World Cup for the first time and talks are underway with potential sponsor branding to appear when the technology is used, a FIFA executive says. 
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A round-up of the week in technology
BBC Click's Kat Hawkins looks at some of the best of the week’s technology news. 
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Air New Zealand taps into your emotions in Queensland campaign
Air New Zealand's latest marketing campaign will use facial recognition technology in a bid to predict an individual's dream Queensland getaway.The campaign uses software to monitor a range of visual cues including eye, mouth and... 
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Here's how you'll be shopping in the 21st century
Supermarkets without checkouts, trolleys that push themselves and shop assistants who know what you posted on Facebook this morning. The automation and radical evolution of bricks and mortar retail is here, and robots will soon be roaming grocery store aisles like, depending whether you're a shopper or a cashier, a helpful android from The Jetsons or a Dalek from Dr Who, built to "EXTERMINATE". That was the talk at the National Retail Federation's annual conference in New York City this week, where new technology was on display promising to reinvent the physical shopping experience for the 21st century. â??"Brick and mortar will never go away because brick and mortar is the essence of retail," said Microsoft's head of global retail, Greg Jones, on the conference's sidelines. 
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Australia's top Airtasker made $187,000 doing mundane tasks
Thankfully you no longer need to do mundane tasks around the home, with technology now making it possible to outsource everyday jobs you don't want to do yourself.You can get robots to vacuum your carpets, mop your floor and even... 
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What the perfect CV looks like
After analysing tens of thousands of job applications, an Australian job site says it's finally found an example of the perfect CV.Using CV valuation technology, job site Adzuna analysed 50,000 recently submitted CVs.It found... 
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WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online
School buses with WiFi are helping children connect to the internet and bridge the technology divide. 
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FIFA talks to potential video replay sponsors for World Cup
LONDON (AP) — A FIFA executive says video replays will be used at the World Cup for the first time and talks are underway with potential sponsors to appear when the technology is used.Soccer's rule-making panel was meeting Monday... 
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TD Ameritrade expands after-hour trading round the clock
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Advances in technology have already reshaped stock trading, and now investors with TD Ameritrade can trade stocks around the clock during the week.The online brokerage began expanding after-hours trading this... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 1:24am 

Super 8 cameras, BlackBerrys among retro gadgets made modern
Even as we flirt with "Jetsons"-style bathrooms hooked up to digital assistants, breakneck races of flying "cars" and ever-improving technology, one thing remains clear: Our nostalgic minds remain glued to the rear-view mirror. 
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