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27 Feb 2024   
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Players and coaches hit out at new technology as baffled players removed from the field
The use of mandatory smart mouthguards has come under scrutiny in Super Rugby Pacific's opening round from Chiefs coach Clayton McMillan. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sat 12:15am 

Leisure firm told scanning staff faces is illegal
The data watchdog orders Serco Leisure to stop using facial recognition technology on its employees. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sat 1:25am 

-Geospatial technology startup Nuview acquires Astraea to accelerate plans 'years faster' than imagined

'That was dance music' - Kount Five Plus Two's guide to music
An exhibition in New Plymouth is taking its inspiration from a famed Taranaki show band to transport visitors on a journey back in time through the fashion, music and technology of the 60s, 70s and 80s. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Tue, 13 Feb 10:05am 

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-New EU sanctions against Russia to target military and technology

AI expert issues warning over privacy creep
She likens facial recgonition tech in supermarkets to taking a fingerprint or strand of DNA - and says it's a "highly invasive privacy technology". 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 8 Feb 7:15pm 

-Meta working on technology to detect AI images ahead of the 2024 elections

Neuralink: Can Musk's brain technology change the world?
The world's richest man is betting heavily on his brain chip, but he has ground to make up. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sun, 4 Feb 5:55pm 

UK robot plane to map mysteries of wild Antarctica
The British Antarctic Survey hope the new technology will change what we know about global warming. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sat, 3 Feb 5:15pm 

-Science sleuths are using technology to find fakery and plagiarism in published research

Underinvestment in technology a major factor in supermarket pricing errors - Consumer NZ
Supermarkets have got away with underinvesting in technology for years, leading to systemic issues with their pricing, Consumer NZ says. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Tue, 23 Jan 8:25am 

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Pothole reports hit a five-year high - but can new tech end them for good?
Climate change will worsen potholes but scientists hope new technology will help make them a thing of the past. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Mon, 15 Jan 4:55pm 

-Zelenskyy: We are working to ensure that Ukraine's Defence Forces can use mostly Ukrainian-made weaponry and technology

Driverless cars: Tech possible for UK motorways by 2026, transport secretary says
Mark Harper believes the technology, he has personally seen, will be "gradually" rolled out 
© 2024 BBCWorld Wed, 27 Dec 7:15pm 

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Brain not brawn required for Sail GP
New Zealand sailor Andy Maloney is quite happy to have swapped brawn for brains as the sport rides a wave of new technology. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sat 5:25am 

Joining AUKUS could boost NZs poor research and technology spending, but at what cost?
There is little doubt the National-led coalition is showing greater interest in the AUKUS security agreement, with Australian officials due to visit later this year to brief the government, Sian Troath writes. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Fri 3:55pm 

Politicians can be so stupid
Can someone please tell Canadian politicians that it's impossible to ban technology that is open source? 
© 2024 Aardvark Mon, 12 Feb 9:05am 

Have we lost faith in technology?
The BBC's technology editor Zoe Kleinman looks at the technology sector's damaged reputation. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Sat, 10 Feb 3:45pm 

Sleep syncing & mouth taping: The solution to sleeplessness and snoring?
Struggling to snooze? Find out if mouth taping, sleep syncing and the latest technology could be the secret to getting a good night's rest. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 8 Feb 7:35am 

Privacy commissioner keeps close eye on supermarkets' facial recognition trial
The Privacy Commissioner is keeping a close eye on the facial recognition technology trial starting at Foodstuffs North Island stores today. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Thu, 8 Feb 6:05am 

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-"The future belongs to technology and infantry": Azov commander talks about the best weapons video

The technology for capital punishment
Will government bureaucracy get in the way of what is perhaps the simplest and most humane method of capital punishment? 
© 2024 Aardvark Fri, 26 Jan 8:45am 

New scanning technology introduced at Wellington, Christchurch airports
The new Computed Tomography scanning machines remove the need for physical bag searches in most cases. 
© 2024 RadioNZ Sat, 20 Jan 11:35am 

-Generative AI is miracle technology for profit-hungry CEOs: PwC survey

BBC Weather shares retro forecasts on its 70th anniversary
See how presenting styles, technology and fashion have changed on BBC weather over the decades. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Fri, 12 Jan 1:08am 

Google settles $5bn lawsuit for 'private mode' tracking
Large technology firms have faced increased scrutiny of their practices in the US and beyond. 
© 2024 BBCWorld Fri, 29 Dec 3:25pm 

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