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25 Feb 2021   
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Opinion: Tiger Woods survives but his career might not
Tim Dahlberg of AP The sheared-off front of the wrecked SUV told part of the story, and the officers on the scene filled in the rest. Tiger Woods was lucky to be alive, they said, thanks to modern safety technology and a big dose... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 6:45am 

-Global Imaging Technology for Precision Agriculture Industry

Scott Technology Limited (NZX: SCT) Organisational Change: Chief Operating Officer
The Board of Directors wishes to advise that the role of COO has been disestablished. We also acknowledge that until later in the year, we will be operating in a highly restricted environment, thereby reducing the ability of the central COO role to travel 
© 2021 Mon 3:25pm 

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Hawk-Eye Live could replace Wimbledon line judges and other news
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Sat 5:05am 

Inland Revenue pays $6.6m for delayed KiwiSaver payments
Inland Revenue is paying $6.6m to compensate KiwiSaver members whose payments were delayed by the agency’s move to a new technology platform last year. 
© 2021 Fri 9:45am 

Southern Institute of Technology scraps Kelvin St apartment proposal
Southern Institute of Technology has scrapped a proposed apartment complex, citing the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic as the reason. 
© 2021 Thu, 18 Feb 1:45pm 

-Yard Stick provides measurement technology to combat climate change

This AI reads children's emotions as they learn
A Hong Kong company has developed facial expression-reading AI that monitors students' emotions as they study. With many children currently learning from home, they say the technology could make the virtual classroom even better than the real thing. 
© 2021 CNN Wed, 17 Feb 3:15pm 

Health check: Measuring vital signs with a smartphone
Lara Lewington looks at technology which can help with remote diagnosis and health monitoring. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Mon, 15 Feb 8:05pm 

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Fortnightly email to remove barrier to kids asking for mental health help
It takes courage to speak up about your mental health but an email a fortnight could remove that barrier for hundreds of thousands of young Kiwis.But an expert has warned that, while it is worth trialling, technology will always... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Mon, 15 Feb 2:45pm 

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-Safe-T Has Been Selected to Present at the United Nations' Office of Information and Communications Technology Event

Apple buys a company every three to four weeks
The technology giant has bought around 100 companies in six years, chief executive Tim Cook has revealed. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 7:35pm 

Further calls to remove Unitec board members, following claims of racism towards Māori
Kaumātua are supporting a call from Māori staff at Unitec to remove the chair of the joint Unitec and Manukau Institute of Technology Board and one remaining member of its rūnanga (council). The news comes after several... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Tue 1:45pm 

Facial recognition technology meant mum saw dying son
The technology halves the time it takes police to identify someone - but does it harm human rights? 
© 2021 BBCWorld Mon 1:05am 

Essex lockdown one-man choir of nine singers
A musician uses technology to turn himself into a one-man lockdown choir of nine singers. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Sun 0:55am 

Huawei turns to pig farming as smartphone sales fall
The Chinese telecoms giant is also pivoting into coal mining technology amid US sanctions on its phones. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Fri 9:25pm 

Fire in the belly: How food technology changed humanity, and New Zealand
We’ve been trying to make our food more digestible, safe, and long-lasting for a very long time. 
© 2021 Fri 5:35am 

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New NMIT board chair prioritises partnership with iwi and employers
Tracy Johnston takes over from Daryl Wehner as chair of the board at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. 
© 2021 Wed, 17 Feb 2:25pm 

-North Korea reportedly tried to steal COVID-19 vaccine technology from Pfizer
-North Korea attempts to hack Covid-19 vaccine technology from Pfizer

This year's iPhone might finally bring one of Android’s best features
A new rumor claims that Apple will bring an always-on display to the next iPhone thanks to LPTO display technology. 
© 2021 PC World Tue, 16 Feb 9:55am 

SIT's Bachelor of Nursing course on hold under Alert level 2 restrictions
Over 120 Bachelor of Nursing students have had their course start delayed as the Southern Institute of Technology work through the impact of Alert Level 2 Covid-19 restrictions. 
© 2021 Mon, 15 Feb 3:45pm 

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