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26 May 2019   
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Digital tips: Six of the most asked technology questions by seniors
The digital age is fast-paced and at times hard to keep up with. So here are six handy tips to help seniors navigate it all. 
© 2019 4:15pm 

Texting while crossing road may be banned, and other news
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some the week's best technology stories. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Fri 10:55pm 

Convince me celebrity holograms aren't the worst idea
Count me among those who have no desire to see Whitney Houston resurrected on stage -- or Amy Winehouse, Roy Orbison or any of the other dead celebrities modern technology now enables the world to enjoy well after they have left us. 
© 2019 CNN Thu 11:45am 

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Qualcomm violates US antitrust law, judge rules
Qualcomm, the world's largest maker of smartphone modems and microchips, illegally charges companies sky-high prices to license its technology, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. 
© 2019 CNN Wed 11:15pm 

WLG-X festival to celebrate creativity and innovation
Over five days in September, WLG-X brings together the worlds of technology, design, film and music in an eclectic array of events, experiences, gigs, film screenings, and a programme of top notch international and local speakers. 
© 2019 GeekZone Wed 6:05pm 

PwC Herald Talks: How to cope with a changing workforce
As technology and individuals' values continue to shape the way we work, the future success of businesses will rely on their ability to adapt to these new ways of working.Three of these key changes include workers wanting better... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed 5:05pm 

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A digitally driven dividend?
Technology has promised much to communities historically underserved by capital markets but, in terms of borrower access, has delivered relatively little to date.Though technology has helped to reduce barriers to accessing capital... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed 5:45am 

Huawei could be the first big casualty of China's clash with America
In little over 30 years, Huawei has gone from scrappy startup to China's most successful global consumer brand. Now it could become the first big casualty of an escalating fight with America over trade and the future of technology. 
© 2019 CNN Tue 11:55pm 

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Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI
Samsung makes a moving Mona Lisa from a single photo using AI technology. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Fri 11:45pm 

English: Farmers need to embrace technology
"We've faced competition before from margarine, synthetic wools and alternative milks." 
© 2019 Fri 6:35pm 

Leaked ARM memo suggests Huawei's losing access to yet more essential technology
A leaked ARM memo reveals that it is halting all business with Huawei, which could spell disaster for Huawei phones and Kirin processors. 
© 2019 PC World Thu 11:05am 

Facial-recognition will get 'out of control' - experts
Facial-recognition technology endured fierce resistance on both coasts Wednesday, as federal lawmakers and Amazon investors questioned whether the artificial-intelligence software already is posing a clear danger to American privacy... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Thu 10:45am 

After hitting Huawei, Trump administration may blacklist major Chinese firm Hikvision
Hikvision, the world's largest maker of video surveillance technology, may be next on the list of blacklisted Chinese firms. 
© 2019 Wed 9:35pm 

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Trump administration considers banning major Chinese firm Hikvision
The Trump administration is considering blacklisting another major Chinese technology company in a move that would broaden a US campaign to sever China's access to American know-how and inflame a deepening trade conflict, according... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed 5:45pm 

How computing's first 'killer app' changed everything
Technology reshapes the workplace in much subtler ways than simply robots stealing jobs. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Wed 11:35am 

Huawei NZ: 'No need to panic' about phones after Google move
Huawei New Zealand says the phone-maker is looking at contingencies and the longer-term impact of restrictions on its access to US technology. 
© 2019 RadioNZ Wed 9:55am 

Millennials and the modern investment race
The Millennial is quick to take advantage of technology-based opportunities and lead the modern investment race. The fast pace and rise of technology in the past 30 years has brought with it an increased pace in the way we look... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed 5:05am 

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