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28 Jan 2020   
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UK to decide on Huawei 5G ban
The government is expected to make a decision about the Chinese technology giant on Tuesday. 
© 2020 BBCWorld 4:15am 

App maps water fountains and refill stations across NZ
An app mapping water fountains and free refill stations across the country has been launched in the latest drive to stop people buying sugary drinks and plastic bottles. Refill NZ is behind the technology after experiencing huge... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Mon 5:45pm 

Clayton Christensen, pioneer of 'disruptive innovation,' dies at 67
Clayton Christensen, the prominent management thinker whose ideas on technology had a big influence on some of today's largest companies, has died. He was 67. 
© 2020 CNN Sat 1:45pm 

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Bounx Sport App unveiled at 2020 ASB Classic
The sports technology platform launched in Auckland at the 2020 ASB Classic rolling out a new gamified player and coaching experience in an app to inspire more and smarter tennis across New Zealand. 
© 2020 Fri 2:55pm 

Airport facial-recognition technology stokes privacy concerns
Someday, it might be possible to verify your identity as you walk into the terminal without even notifying you. 
© 2020 Fri 9:25am 

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Technology Shares Climb on Tax Accord, Oil Tumbles
Technology shares rallied on the back of upbeat earnings and after the U.S 
© 2020 Thu 9:46am 

Retired Wellington trolley buses could become tiny homes and pie carts
The electric trolley buses were taken off the roads in 2017 and plans to retrofit them with new technology failed. Now, they're back - on Trade Me. 
© 2020 Wed 7:25am 

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Video technology to monitor and connect older people in their homes with retirement villages
A new company will be offering video communications to older people wanting to stay in their own homes but be connected to a retirement village's care services. 
© 2020 Tue, 21 Jan 5:35am 

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Deepfake technology: Can you spot what's real?
Do you think you can tell what is real and fake? BBC presenter Radzi Chinyanganya tries out the latest techniques. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Mon 6:55pm 

For the rich and famous, there's no silver bullet to avoid phone hacks
The world might be turning to technology to solve everything from traffic to dating, but no one app or gadget will save the rich and famous from falling prey to cyberattacks, according to digital security experts. 
© 2020 CNN Sun 6:25am 

London will use live facial recognition cameras to police the city
London's Metropolitan Police has announced controversial plans to use live facial recognition technology to improve officers' ability to identify suspects and police the British capital. 
© 2020 CNN Sat 7:05am 

Could feathers inspire plane wing design and other news
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the week's best technology stories. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Fri 9:45pm 

Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to life
Experts use 3D printing and speech technology to replicate the voice of Egyptian priest Nesyamun. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Fri 10:45am 

Mum praised for clever toddler toilet training hack
Training a little one to use the loo can be fraught with accidents and tantrums. But one mum is being praised for her clever toilet training trick, which involvesv some help from technology - an Amazon Alexa.British mum Leanne... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri 8:35am 

Deepfake videos: Can you really believe what you see?
With deepfake technology, it is getting easier to turn yourself into somebody else on screen. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Thu 1:35pm 

'Disappointed' NZX wants to win back Laybuy
The buy now pay later technology firm, founded in New Zealand, chose to list on the Australian Stock Exchange rather than locally. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Wed 2:35pm 

What Trumpís re-election would mean for us
OPINION: From trade war risks to technology troubles, a re-elected Donald Trump could have a big impact here. 
© 2020 Tue, 21 Jan 9:45am 

Shopping with machines: technology to overtake the human touch
Walk into a shop, grab a basket, shop and then go. Is this the future of retail? 
© 2020 Tue, 21 Jan 8:05am 

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