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29 Mar 2017   
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Alibaba teams up with Fonterra on food safety project
Online retail behemoth Alibaba said it would engage PwC consultancy firms in New Zealand, Australia and China to help build a food safety framework using blockchain technology.Blockchain technologies were originally developed to... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 2:44pm 

Drones could be used for medical service in Vanuatu
The Vanuatu government, along with UNICEF, is investigating the possibility of using drone technology to deliver medical supplies. 
© 2017 RadioNZ 10:26am 

Micron to ship Intel Optane competitor later this year
Intel's spanking new high-capacity Optane SSD is cool, but drives from other storage vendors based on the 3D Xpoint technology could be coming later this year. 
© 2017 PC World 9:55am 

Samsung plans to relaunch refurbished Note 7 devices
The technology giant says it may be able to offer the recalled devices as refurbished phones. 
© 2017 BBCWorld Tue 6:45am 

Solar panels will hit poorer households - study
New electriticty technology such as solar panels and high-performance batteries are likely to make 80 percent of low income people worse off, according to a study. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Mon 1:56pm 

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Uber suspends self-driving cars trial following crash
Uber Technologies Inc suspended its pilot programme for driverless cars after a vehicle equipped with the technology crashed on a US roadway, the ride-hailing company and local police said. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Sun 6:06pm 

Micron, SeaWorld and HCA jump while GameStop plunges
NEW YORK (AP) " Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Friday:Micron Technology Inc., up $1.96 to $28.43The chipmaker's second-quarter profit was much bigger than analysts expected.SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., up... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 11:05am 

British Airways starts scanning faces to enable faster boarding
British Airways is rolling out technology that will allow passengers to go through boarding gates at its main London Heathrow Airport hub using facial recognition.Biometric devices at the main security-screening area in Terminal... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 10:45am 

Robotic barman pours Rory a pint
The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones gets a beer poured for him by a robotic barman - but how long does it take? 
© 2017 BBCWorld Sat 6:05am 

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Juha Saarinen: How tech journalism was hacked
This week, I spoke to a group of media students at Auckland University of Technology, a great bunch of people who were curious and asked some very thoughtful and really quite hard questions. There was one question in particular... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 1:44pm 

Intel Optane Memory has a mission: Make hard drives faster than SSDs
Intel debuts Optane Memory as a "revolutionary" technology that could make hard drives feel like SSDs, but enthusiasts were hoping for more. 
© 2017 PC World 9:55am 

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Brett O'Riley: FTA upgrade can open new doors for tech advances
Since China and New Zealand signed our historic Free Trade Agreement nine years ago, technology development has advanced dramatically in both countries.We've seen the rise of Chinese e-commerce giants, including We-Chat and Alibaba.... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Tue 5:45am 

Kiwi scientists: NZ can improve world's GPS
We use GPS for everything from tracking aircraft to mapping the best route to the office.But Kiwi scientists say we can make GPS more accurate - and New Zealand has the expertise and technology to do it.Today, GPS coordinates... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Mon 1:44pm 

Sonic boom
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories. 
© 2017 BBCWorld Sat 7:05pm 

Owner of Silicon Valley staffing firm charged in visa fraud
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) " The owner of a company that supplied foreign workers to San Francisco Bay Area technology companies is facing visa fraud charges after filing fake documents to bring people to the United States, the U.S Attorney's... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 3:06pm 

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YouTube hate videos snare Ikea ads as Google crisis spreads
Major advertisers across Europe and Asia are still appearing alongside extremist YouTube videos days after technology giant Google said it was taking steps to protect its clients from inadvertently supporting hate.An anti-Semitic... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 9:15am 

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