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21 Oct 2021   
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Climate change: Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade
Government plans to extract coal, oil and gas are incompatible with safe temperatures, says the UN. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 9:52pm 

'Amateurish' Invercargill couple making cannabis oil caused $46k damage in explosion, judge says
A foolhardy and amateurish Invercargill couple blew up part of their Kainga Ora house during an 'ill-conceived' attempt to make cannabis oil, a judge says. 
© 2021 Tue 4:22am 

-Iranian supertanker departing from Venezuela to transport heavy oil

Market for high-quality sunflower oil creates new opportunity for farmers
Hi-oleic sunflowers make for a beneficial crop rotation in spring, new research shows. 
© 2021 Mon 9:12am 

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Norway's oil and gas sector will not be dismantled, new government says
The new government says the green transition "must be fair" as it sets out its energy policy. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Thu, 14 Oct 11:42am 

-Cyprus: ExxonMobil to gauge gas field size in 6-8 weeks
-Putin calls for stability in gas market as EU prices soar

Why it's time to treat medicinal cannabis as an alternative therapy, not a pharmaceutical
Approval of two domestically produced CBD oil products may provide new hope for patients on cannabis prescriptions, after some feared they would need to turn to the black market. 
© 2021 RadioNZ Wed, 13 Oct 7:02pm 

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UN court rules on Kenya-Somalia sea border row
Judges rule largely in Somalia's favour in a row over a potentially oil-rich area of sea. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Wed, 13 Oct 4:52am 

-California could ban gas-powered generators and mowers by 2024

Large fire breaks out at oil facility in crisis-hit Lebanon
The large blaze in Zahrani comes as the country is already in the grip of an energy crisis. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Mon, 11 Oct 10:02pm 

Inter-island ferries 'most likely' cause of harmful gas emissions, new study finds
It's 80 times smaller, but Picton's foreshore has similar levels of harmful gas to the Port of Tauranga. 
© 2021 Mon, 11 Oct 9:43am 

-Daily Crunch: Questions raised over natural gas fuel source for Elon Musk's Texas spaceport
-The mystery of Elon Musk's missing gas
-Natural gas markets weigh Putin's plans
-Mystery lingers around cause of California oil pipeline leak
-Russia says it could boost supplies to ease Europe gas costs

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Net zero announcement: UK sets out plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions
The government reveals its long-awaited strategy days before global leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 9:33am 

-Fire erupts at Kuwait oil refinery; no casualties reported
-Coast Guard: 1,200-foot ship dragged California oil pipeline

The climate activists who want Norway to end oil and gas production
The BBC's Nick Beake meets the young climate activists trying to stop Norway drilling for oil and gas. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Mon 2:23pm 

Settling for less: The Kiwis giving up working overseas overqualified for the NZ workforce
An oil and gas worker who spent $12,000 on MIQ spaces has opted to take a 50 per cent pay cut to stay in New Zealand. 
© 2021 Sun 5:43am 

-Putin suggested to a US journalist she was too 'beautiful' to understand a point he made about Russian gas supply

Europe gas prices: How far is Russia responsible?
Moscow has been accused by some of playing politics with gas supplies, but there's a range of factors at work. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Thu, 14 Oct 5:53pm 

Russia denies weaponising energy amid Europe gas crisis
The Russian president says his country is not to blame for high gas prices elsewhere in Europe. 
© 2021 BBCWorld Thu, 14 Oct 5:32am 

Olive groves in Kāpiti take out top awards
Kāpiti and Wairarapa olive oil makers swept the annual New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards last week, winning all of the five major awards for Olive Oil Excellence.Kāpiti Olives won Best in Show for their Kāpiti... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Wed, 13 Oct 3:12pm 

Investment needed in natural gas during transition to renewables - report
The country needs to invest tens of millions of dollars to ensure sufficient natural gas to cover the transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, a government-commissioned report says. 
© 2021 RadioNZ Wed, 13 Oct 11:04am 

-Southern California beach set to reopen after oil spill
-Huge fire breaks out at oil facility in southern Lebanon

Inter-island ferries ‘most likely’ cause of harmful gas emissions, new study finds
A sensor on Picton's foreshore picks up about the same amount of sulphur dioxide in the air as a sensor outside the Port of Tauranga. 
© 2021 RadioNZ Mon, 11 Oct 1:53pm 

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-Iran-SKorea row worsens over oil billions frozen by US sanctions
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