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21 Mar 2018   
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Indexes rise a day after a stumble, but Facebook falls again
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks are rising Tuesday as energy companies climb with oil prices and banks move up along with interest rates. The market was recovering some of its losses from a day ago. Other sectors including health care... 
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PM's oil and gas comments cause anxiety in Taranaki
The PM's comments about the future of oil and gas exploration is causing anxiety in Taranaki - the only region in New Zealand where hydrocarbons are commercially exploited. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 7:23pm 

PM's oil and gas remarks will have 'chilling effect' - MP
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's remarks that the Government is considering an end to oil and gas exploration will have a "chilling effect" on what is a multibillion-dollar industry, New Plymouth's MP says.And while a Taranaki business... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 5:23pm 

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Jacinda Ardern says 'everything' is on the table in decision on oil exploration
The Labour-led Government is considering "everything" about the future of the oil and gas exploration in New Zealand, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern denying any inconsistency in her statements. 
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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the world has moved on in terms of fossil fuels
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given the strongest signal yet that the days of oil and gas exploration in New Zealand are numbered.Ardern said the world had moved on from fossil fuels.The Government is at a critical point in... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Tue 5:53am 

Govt considers oil and gas exploration permits
The government is currently considering block offers for oil and gas exploration permits for this year. 
© 2018 RadioNZ Mon 7:43pm 

OMV may have to cut stakes in oil fields as part of $578m Shell deal
Austrian oil and gas producer OMV may have to sell down its stakes in the Maui and Pohokura fields to clear competition law hurdles to its $578 million purchase of Shell New Zealand's remaining assets, says petroleum sector analyst... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 6:03pm 

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Watch live: Jacinda Ardern on oil and gas, Obama visit, Indonesian President
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is expected to address the future of oil and gas exploration, visiting Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the upcoming visit of Barack Obama, and possible changes to the Crimes Act in her post-cabinet... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 4:33pm 

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On the menu for McDonald's: Cut greenhouse gas emissions
NEW YORK (AP) — The company behind the golden arches wants to get greener.McDonald's on Tuesday announced a number of steps it will take to cut the greenhouse gases it emits into the air, including tweaking the way the beef in its... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 9:53pm 

Greenpeace says Ardern has 'the benefit of the doubt' over end to oil
Environmental group Greenpeace says a failure to end oil exploration would put Labour in the same camp as National, but for now Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has "the benefit of the doubt". 
© 2018 6:03pm 

Taranaki oil sector ready to move away from fossil fuel exploration
Up to 8000 people, around 10 per cent of Taranaki's population, could be seriously affected if the government went ahead and stopped future oil and gas exploration, a regional business leader has said. 
© 2018 4:23pm 

There are other resources besides oil and gas, Ardern says
Resources other than oil and gas can be extracted and contribute to more sustainable future, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.Ardern confirmed today that the Government was not looking at halting current permits as it considers... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 1:23pm 

Watch live: Jacinda Ardern on oil and gas plans
The National Party has accused Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of creating a false impression that it is considering ending oil and gas exploration this year. She speaks to Morning Report. 
© 2018 RadioNZ Tue 7:43am 

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Activists prepare for rally for climate justice on 27th March
Oil Free Wellington and other groups will be holding a rally for climate justice and a nonviolent blockade of the Oil Industry Summit, which is being held at the TSB Arena in Wellington on Tuesday March 27th. 
© 2018 Mon 6:53pm 

Vietnam trying ex-Politburo member over oil giant's losses
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A court in Hanoi on Monday put on trial a former senior Communist Party official for alleged management while he headed the state oil giant.Former PetroVietnam chairman Dinh La Thang is accused of deliberately... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 5:23pm 

Greenpeace says brands refusing to reveal palm oil sources
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Greenpeace says household brands including PepsiCo and Johnson & Johnson are refusing to disclose where they get their palm oil from despite vows to stop buying from companies that cut down tropical forests... 
© 2018 NZ Herald Mon 5:23pm 

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