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24 Sep 2017   
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China limits oil trade to North Korea and bans textile trade
Traditionally Pyongyang's only ally, China is removing key economic sources after new UN sanctions. 
© 2017 BBCWorld Sat 5:25pm 

How electric cars can create the biggest disruption since iPhone
It's 10 years since Apple unleashed a surge of innovation that upended the mobile phone industry. Electric cars, with a little help from ride-hailing and self-driving technology, could be about to pull the same trick on Big Oil.The... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat 10:05am 

Qantas uses transtasman 'fuel mules' to top up its aircraft in Auckland
Qantas last night flew a jumbo jet and an Airbus A330 across the Tasman into Auckland to use as "fuel mules" for its aircraft hit by the aviation gas shortage.The Boeing 747-400 was a special flight scheduled just to deliver fuel... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 12:55am 

Fuel crisis: Navy oil tanker on rescue mission to Marsden Pt refinery
The Defence Force is sending its big tanks to Northland in a military manouevre of a different kind.The navy's oil tanker, HMNZN Endeavour is expected to arrive at Port Marsden at around 5pm on Thursday to fill up with 4.8 million... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 12:45am 

Fuel crisis: Repairs on track at Ruakaka pipeline site
If there is a lucky side to the break in the Ruakaka to Auckland oil pipeline, it is that it happened only a few kilometres from the Refining New Zealand plant at Marsden Point.Another stroke of luck in an otherwise disastrous situation... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 7:15am 

Te Ururoa Flavell's fight to keep the Maori Party alive
Somewhere on the road from Taupō to Rotorua, a young gas station attendant watches as the Māori Party's campaign bus eats up $400 of fuel. 
© 2017 Wed 7:25pm 

Damaged Auckland fuel pipeline may have been waiting to break since 2014
The digger operator who damaged the fuel pipeline supplying Auckland city would have almost certainly have known what he had done, says Refining NZ boss Sjoerd Post, adding he is concerned for the individual's mental safety. Refining NZ had "clear evidence" the 170 kilometre pipeline that pipes fuel from the Marsden Point oil refinery had been struck, with digger teeth marks visible at the location of a 20 centimetre tear in the pipe. "It is very clear and independently confirmed by the Lloyds' verifier that a digger has dented and scraped over the pipe with quite significant force." The damage could have occurred any time since the condition of the pipe was last tested by a scanner which was passed through the pipe in 2014. 
© 2017 Wed 1:35pm 

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China limits oil, bans textile trade to N Korea
China has moved to limit North Korea's oil supply and will stop buying textiles from the politically isolated nation, it says. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Sat 5:15pm 

PNG government sells stake in Oil Search
The cash-strapped Papua New Guinea government has sold its stake in the prospecting company Oil Search. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Fri 8:05pm 

Fuel crisis: Ruakaka water tables tested for fuel after pipe rupture
Quick action to contain and recover fuel-soaked earth and water near the ruptured oil pipeline at Ruakaka appears to have prevented widespread contamination.Refining New Zealand has been in charge of collecting and removing the... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Fri 12:45am 

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Van with cash crashes near Kaitaia
Police stayed with an Amourguard van full of cash for about four hours after it crashed off the road following a collision with a truck carrying gas bottles near Kaitaia.The crash happened on Larmers Rd, just south of Kaitaia about... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 9:15am 

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Z Energy warned Government in 2012 about high risk of jet fuel outage at Auckland Airport
Z Energy issued a blunt warning back in 2012 that the fuel industry was failing to invest in infrastructure, imploring the Government to force it to improve security of supply. The recently formed company delivered what has turned out to be a prescient warning that the risk of disruption to the Auckland fuel pipeline was probably four times more likely than government officials predicted. It also claimed the situation could be resolved through a levy of around 0.5c a litre on fuel over five years, undermining the Government's claim that improved security could only come at a "massive" cost to the consumer. In a submission on New Zealand oil security, Z Energy said it was part of an "unsustainable industry focused on the short term" which was investing in infrastructure below the rate of depreciation. 
© 2017 Wed 1:35pm 

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