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8 Aug 2020   
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Paul Spoonley book: How New Zealand families have changed
New Zealand's traditional family of a heterosexual married couple and children is no longer the norm.Divorce rates, single parenthood and same-sex partnerships gave increased. With rising migration, cultures and values are more... 
© 2020 NZ Herald 6:45am 

Coronavirus: Testing large volumes in the community might be a 'waste of time'
Covid-19 testing rates are spiking, but one expert is worried the country’s focus is misplaced. 
© 2020 Fri 4:35pm 

National promises HPV self-tests, more funding
National is promising to spend $20 million over four years on increasing testing rates and accessibility to clinical trials for gynaecological cancer if elected. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Fri 10:45am 

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New Plymouth's water woes to cost $300m to fix
New Plymouth households are being asked to fork out as much as $850 a year in extra rates in a 'Let's Smash It' option to solve the city's water woes. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Tue 4:15pm 

Cancer: Breast reconstruction rates much lower for Maori and Pacifika patients
Māori and Pacifika patients are far less likely to get their breast reconstructed after losing them to cancer than European women, a new study has revealed. The research - conducted by Royal Australasian College of Surgeons... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Mon 11:45am 

Manchester declares 'major incident' after Covid-19 outbreak
A major incident has been declared by authorities in Greater Manchester following recent rises in coronavirus infection rates. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Mon 11:15am 

Coronavirus: Vietnam's escape from Covid-19 may be down to 'natural immunity' against Sars-like viruses
Researchers are investigating whether higher immunity levels have kept coronavirus infection rates down in some Asian countries. 
© 2020 Sun 5:25pm 

Souland District mayor endorses investigating policy he does not want
Southland mayor does not want a blanket rates relief policy, but says staff investigating a policy are not wasting their time. 
© 2020 Sun 12:25am 

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Barking drones and quad bikes no replacement for a good sheep dog
There may be less shepards than they used to be, but community interest has sparked an extension to Telford sheep dog training courses. 
© 2020 Fri, 31 Jul 4:15pm 

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Homeowner used milk, toilet water and hot water tank to fight Port Hills fire
A Christchurch man has told the courts of his distress at being labelled a person of interest in an investigation into the 2017 Port Hills fires. 
© 2020 7:55pm 

Sold out subdivision highlights 'booming' Waitara property market
Sections worth $5.4m get snapped up, with keen buyers showing interest in next stage. 
© 2020 Fri 2:05pm 

'Surprising' surge of interest in house sales in regions
The impact of Covid-19 on the property market may not be as dramatic as previously thought - thanks in part to a flock of returning New Zealanders. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Fri 6:45am 

Queensland to close NSW, ACT borders after new Covid-19 case
"We cannot risk a second wave. We have to act decisively." Queensland's Premier says she is increasingly concerned about transmission rates in southern states. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Wed 2:55pm 

Returning Kiwis, low interest rates fueling lift in property market, says real estate executive
"Cashloaded" returning Kiwis fuel lift in property market, says real estate executive. 
© 2020 Tue 3:15pm 

More Kiwis die from heart disease and cancer than Aussies
Kiwis will die earlier than their Aussie mates due to our higher rates of heart disease and cancer, new research shows.Australians have a longer life expectancy than New Zealanders, who have both a higher diagnosis and death rate... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Mon 5:15pm 

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Sony introduces first CFexpress Type A memory card
The CFexpress Type A cards are ideally suited for high-speed continuous shooting of more than 1,000 uncompressed RAW still images, as well as 4K 120p movie recording at high bit rates with the Slow & Quick Motion function when paired with new Alpha 7S III, which features two CFexpress Type A compatible media slots. 
© 2020 GeekZone Mon 10:25am 

Lawrence Dallaglio rates Richie McCaw world's greatest openside flanker
Two All Black superstars top an English newspaper's list of the greatest men to wear the No 7 jersey. 
© 2020 Sun 8:15am 

How new laws are pushing predatory loan sharks closer to extinction
Originally published by The Spinoff Amid fears of growing financial hardship throughout New Zealand, a comprehensive campaign against high-interest lenders looks to be gaining new ground.Payday lenders, trucks shops, loan sharks:... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri, 31 Jul 6:25pm 

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