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29 Mar 2017   
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Australian disability advocate Paul McKenzie rates Blenheim number one for mobility access
Steve is everywhere in Blenheim, and for disability advocate Paul McKenzie seeing his friend laid out flat on the tarmac makes a world of difference. 
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Mapua cafe still waiting to fill job vacancy after six-month search
When Ali Slotemaker listed a kitchen job going at her bustling cafe she thought she would be overwhelmed with interest. It was, she said, a great job, in a growing community in one of the prettiest parts of the country. But almost six months on, the interest in the Alberta's cafe job in Mapua, near Nelson, has only been a trickle with most of the applicants being from overseas. "In Nelson and Tasman people are always saying they can't get work but in this area we are finding the complete opposite," Slotemaker said. So she and her assistant manager have instead resorted to getting in the kitchen themselves. 
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Mexico's Catholic Church: Work on Trump wall is treason
MEXICO CITY (AP) " The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said Sunday that Mexican companies expressing interest in working on a border wall in the United States are betraying their country.The archdiocese said in an editorial... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Mon 1:04pm 

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Wellington mayor takes a swipe at landbankers on city fringes, lowers rates increase
Undeveloped land, with the potential for 2750 new houses, is in the sights of Wellington's mayor to address the city's housing crisis. 
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Maori party considering alliance with Labour Party
The Maori Party's voicing interest in striking a deal with the Labour Party.  National has previously been confident in its alliance with the Maori Party - but there are signs it shouldn't get too comfortable.  Party leader Marama... 
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Paul Lewis: Oracle take wind from sails
Whatever this regatta to be held in Bermuda is, it doesn't feel much like the America's Cup.Where's the bitchiness? Where's the rivalry, the international jousting? Where, for Pete's sake, is any kind of colour or interest? Where... 
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Cafe vacancy interest goes global after 'no interest' story hits media
In the span of just 24 hours, the interest in a cafe vacancy has gone from a trickle to a flood after the story hit the media. 
© 2017 6:25pm 

Money to be made from driverless cars, says trend-spotter who saw smartphone success
Fund manager Elizabeth Soon is on the lookout for her third "a-ha" moment. If her latest theme pans out as well as the first two, investors should start looking at driverless car suppliers. So far, Soon's moments of investor clarity in almost a decade at PineBridge Investments Asia have been related to the smartphone - both of them cases where she's recognised undiscovered trends destined to take off. While she doesn't place her latest interest in quite the same category, she says the coming revolution in autos may be a key opportunity for investors. "A driverless car is something we think will come," said Soon, who is particularly interested in the components sector, which will play a greater and greater role as driving becomes progressively more automated. "As things develop, that area is going to grow quite strongly." 
© 2017 Mon 2:05pm 

GeoOp sounds out investor interest for ASX listing
GeoOp, the unprofitable management app developer, wants to delist from the New Zealand stock exchange's alternative market for fledgling companies and migrate to the Australian stock exchange to improve the liquidity of its shares... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Mon 12:25am 

Wellington rates rise well below forecast
Despite over $5 million in emergency spending due to the November earthquake, Wellington’s average rates will increase by just 3.3 per cent this year, rather than the 5.1 per cent originally forecast in the Council’s long term plan, Mayor Justin Lester has announced. 
© 2017 Mon 8:16am 

NRL: Foran ready for anticipated debut
Kieran Foran's appearance today is surely the most anticipated debut game in Warriors history.Where he ranks among big name Warriors recruits is a point of conjecture, but no one's first match has generated so much interest.Foran's... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sun 12:35am 

Southland ''champions'' fight back against domestic violence
Southlanders are becoming "community champions" in a bid to reduce the region's alarming family violence rates. 
© 2017 Sun 12:15am 

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