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26 Jun 2022   
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Citizenship NFTs: Crypto-currency paradise planned for Vanuatu's 'Satoshi' Island
By RNZ A tiny island off Vanuatu's Espiritu Santo Island could become a haven for people who want to live exclusively in a digital world.What was Lataro Island is now called Satoshi Island - Satoshi being a word that has become... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Sat, 30 Apr 9:15am 

Ukraine War: Ruble crashes to less than one cent as MOEX Russia Index remains closed
The Russian ruble is now worth less than a cent against the United States dollar.The plunge will further punish Russians, pushing up the price of many goods and services.The currency has been in free fall after the West imposed... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 3 Mar 4:33pm 

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Ransomware attacks and crypto-currency scams on the rise
Cert NZ reiterates advice not to pay ransoms. 
© 2022 Thu, 16 Sep 6:33am 

Monday Thoughts: Is it the end of fiat currency?
OPINION: ‘Fiat currency’ is money issued by a government or central bank where you have no right for it to be converted into gold or any other asset. 
© 2022 Mon, 23 Aug 5:43am 

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Bitcoin: Why is crypto down? Bitcoin fell nearly 30% at one point losing $70 billion in market value
Even by Bitcoin's standards, Wednesday was pretty wild.The price of the famously volatile digital currency fell nearly 30 per cent at one point after the China Banking Association warned member banks of the risks associated with... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 20 May 10:15am 

Dogecoin: Barefoot Investor's warning over Elon Musk's favourite crypto
Scott Pape, better known as the Barefoot Investor, has issued a word of warning to his followers who are considering investing in the red-hot cryptocurrency Dogecoin.Dogecoin, a digital currency created by Australia's Jackson Palmer... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Sat, 8 May 5:35pm 

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Dollar soars as S&P upgrades NZ credit rating on strong recovery
New Zealand's sovereign currency ratings have been raised by international agency S&P on the basis of a stronger-than-expected recovery.The kiwi dollar rallied on the news to a 34-month high at US73.38c. "New Zealand is recovering... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Mon, 22 Feb 4:05pm 

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Russia-Ukraine War: Russian ruble bounces back to pre-invasion levels
Russia's ruble has recovered nearly all of its value after crippling sanctions in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine last month sent the currency plummeting to less than one cent against the US dollar.The ruble was trading at around... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Fri, 1 Apr 11:11am 

Epic crypto-currency hack ruins Sydney man's retirement plans
A Sydney couple will have to retire seven years later than planned after they lost more than $100,000 in a shocking scam.Manu Kundra and his wife Shallu, 49, were devastated when they logged onto their cryptocurrency exchange in... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 3 Feb 1:57pm 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (NZX: FPH) announces result for the first half of FY22
FPH today announced its results for the first half of the 2022 financial year. Net profit after tax for the first half was $222 million, a 2% decline from the prior comparable period, or a 1% decline in constant currency 
© 2022 Thu, 25 Nov 9:02am 

Bitcoin jumps on speculation that Amazon considering crypto
Bitcoin's price surged again Monday after speculation that Amazon may be entering the cryptocurrency sector after it posted a job seeking a "digital currency and blockchain product lead."Bitcoin jumped more than 14 per cent in the... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Tue, 27 Jul 12:54am 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (NZX: FPH) Record Full Year Result for FPH: Net Profit Up 82%
FPH today announced its results for the full year ended 31 March 2021. Operating revenue was $1.97 billion, up 56% or 61% in constant currency. Net profit after tax was $524 million, up 82% over the previous financial year, or 94% in constant currency 
© 2022 Thu, 27 May 9:45am 

Coinbase soars in market debut, valued near US$100 billion
Coinbase made a rousing debut on Wall Street Wednesday, with the digital currency exchange's rising as high as US$429, briefly giving it a market value over US$100 billion (NZ$139 billion).Coinbase Global's initial public offering... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu, 15 Apr 8:25am 

The a2 Milk Company Limited (NZX: ATM) 1H21 Results and Interim Report
A lower EBITDA margin range is now expected due to lower revenue, higher brand investment, longer daigou/reseller support, movements in foreign currency and adverse channel mix relative to what was anticipated in December 
© 2022 Thu, 25 Feb 10:05am 

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