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8 Aug 2020   
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Nigerians' double blow: Currency woes and Covid-19
Three business owners explain how they are weathering the economic fallout. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Mon 3:55pm 

Twitter hack: Exchange 'blocked 1,000 Bitcoin transactions'
Currency exchange Coinbase says it prevented about $280,000 of bitcoin reaching hackers. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Wed, 22 Jul 0:05am 

Record Result for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare; Net Profit up 37%
Auckland, New Zealand, 29 June 2020 - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited announced today its results for the full year ended 31 March 2020. Operating revenue was $1.26 billion, up 18% over last year, or 14% in constant currency 
© 2020 Mon, 29 Jun 9:05am 

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Kiwis can buy a coke with bitcoin
A lot of the narrative on virtual currency revolves around its yo-yo-ing worth.Will we see geeks buying more Ferraris if bitcoin breaks back toward US$20,000, or crying into their keyboards if it crashes below US$5000 again? READ... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 9 Jun 4:45pm 

NZ shares rise on US futures and weakening currency
New Zealand shares followed US futures higher while the prospect of negative interest rates put pressure on the kiwi dollar, enticing investors on to the share market.The S&P/NZX 50 Index rose 27.26 points, or 0.3 per cent, to 10,757.94.... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Mon, 18 May 6:25pm 

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What will happen to the value of our currency?
OPINION: Covid-19 has pulled our economic levers in different directions, no one knows what will happen, but we can apply basic principals to figure it out. 
© 2020 Sun, 10 May 5:55am 

NZ dollar sags as sentiment in equities markets sours
The New Zealand dollar's week-long rally ran out of puff today as the mood in equities markets turned sour.The kiwi was trading at 60.89 US cents at 5pm in Wellington from 61.44 at the same time yesterday. The domestic currency... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri, 1 May 5:45pm 

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-Nigerians' double blow: Currency woes and Covid-19

Greenback returns: How dollar stores came back to Cuba
The Cuban government is allowing its citizens to use the currency of its ideological enemy. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Sun 3:15pm 

Kiwi dollar undercooked, according to new 'burgernomics' index
Latest bite of irreverent 'burgernomics' index suggests Kiwi currency could use some super-sizing. 
© 2020 Thu, 16 Jul 10:55pm 

-Iran's currency hits lowest value ever against the dollar

Filthy Rich author Tim Malloy: 'Epstein's currency was girls'
Co-author of the book about convicted child predator Jeffrey Epstein speaks about why he quickly saw Epstein as "pure evil". 
© 2020 Sun, 14 Jun 6:25pm 

Lebanon protests escalate as currency dives
The prime minister calls an emergency meeting as the value of the Lebanese pound hits record lows. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Sat, 13 Jun 0:25am 

NZ dollar rises with equities markets, boosted by positive export data
The New Zealand dollar rose as the mood in equities markets around the world improved and the currency got a kicker from trade data showing local exports held up well through the nation's lockdown.The kiwi was trading at 61.26 US... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 26 May 6:25pm 

Economic vandalism destroys important legacy
OPINION: The Reserve Bank Governor is debasing the currency and enabling the Government to abandon fiscal discipline. 
© 2020 Sun, 17 May 5:25am 

Banks deny increasing margins on foreign currency transactions
Foreign currency service Transferwise says disagreement highlights need for more 'transparency'. 
© 2020 Tue, 12 May 11:15am 

NZ dollar see-saws on US-China tensions, trans-Tasman bubble plans
The New Zealand dollar dropped from Friday's close before rising on optimism that a trans-Tasman bubble with Australia may allow travel between the two countries again.That rally was short-lived, with the currency heading south... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Mon, 4 May 6:25pm 

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