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24 Jan 2019   
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Police investigators call on overseas experts, meet with Cryptopia staff
Police have called on overseas experts and law enforcement authorities as they make progress on their investigation into cyber theft from Christchurch crypto-currency trading company, Cryptopia. 
© 2019 Wed 10:05am 

Currency frozen in multi-million dollar Cryptopia theft
The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange says it has frozen some funds from hacked Christchurch digital assets exchange Cryptopia 
© 2019 Fri 12:55am 

Theft of cybercurrency from Cryptopia fits a pattern
OPINION The apparent online robbery of New Zealand's largest cyber-currency exchange Cryptopia is another blow to tattered confidence in cryptocurrencies. 
© 2019 Wed, 16 Jan 6:05pm 

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NZ crypto exchange offline after hack, talk of $3.7m heist
Christchurch-based digital currency exchange Cryptopia was still offline for maintenance early this morning after a digital break-in - and industry talk of a $3.7 million heist.At 7.55pm last night, Cryptopia tweeted that it was... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed, 16 Jan 7:45am 

China to cut taxes, keep currency stable to counter slowdown
BEIJING (AP) — Senior Chinese economic officials say they will slash taxes, step up spending and help resolve financing problems of private and small enterprise to help counter the country's worst slowdown since the global financial... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Tue, 15 Jan 6:25pm 

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US sanctions Venezuela TV magnate for alleged currency deals
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on a Venezuelan media magnate close to President Nicolas Maduro's government for allegedly running a network that stole $2.4 billion from state coffers through... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed, 9 Jan 4:25am 

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Machine trading is the likely flash crash culprit
ANALYSIS: The flash crash originating with the Japanese yen that shook currency markets on 2019's first day of trading was likely caused by algorithms. 
© 2019 Fri, 4 Jan 5:45pm 

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Police making good progress in Cryptopia heist
Police say they are making good progress into the investigation of the multi-million dollar crypto-currency heist of Christchurch-based Cryptopia last week."Positive lines of inquiry are being developed to identify the source of... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Tue 6:25pm 

No currency, but a currency crisis: Zimbabwe's woes deepen
Not having a currency of its own hasn't stopped Zimbabwe from sliding into a currency crisis.A scarcity of foreign exchange has led to long queues for fuel, bread and medicine and sent prices surging across the southern African... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed, 16 Jan 6:25pm 

Cryptocurrency trader Cryptopia headquarters under police lockdown after millions suspected lost in breach
Police have stormed the office of a Christchurch cryptocurrency trader after millions of dollars worth of currency appears to have disappeared in a security breach. 
© 2019 Wed, 16 Jan 11:26am 

Russia looks to Bitcoin to soften US sanctions
Russia is preparing an investment in Bitcoin to replace the US dollar as a reserve currency in a bid to tackle US sanctions, according to a Russian economist with close ties to the Kremlin.Vladislav Ginko, an economist at the Russian... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Tue, 15 Jan 7:05pm 

Offending that encouraged drug addiction and theft earns strong rebuke from judge
The use of methamphetamine and cannabis as currency for stolen goods was so common, it has become an every day feature at most courts, a judge claims. 
© 2019 Sun, 13 Jan 11:45am 

Russia to resume open-market foreign currency buys
MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Finance Ministry says it will start buying foreign currency on the open market next week, five months after purchases were suspended to support the ruble.The ministry says that 265.8 billion rubles ($4... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat, 12 Jan 1:05am 

Environmental worries eased by Bitcoin plunge
Bitcoin's energy consumption has dropped dramatically as its price falls, easing concerns about its environmental impact.The virtual currency's rapid rise prompted warnings the electricity used to maintain the network could worsen... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Mon, 7 Jan 3:45pm 

Fake news site uses John Key image to endorse Bitcoin
A fake advertisement promoting crypto-currency has ripped off the image of former Prime Minister John Key. 
© 2019 Sat, 5 Jan 3:25pm 

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