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26 May 2019   
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Westpac warning: capital proposals will add $6000 a year to cost of average Auckland mortgage
Proposed changes to increase the amount of capital banks hold could add $6000 a year to the cost of an Auckland mortgage and have a "significant negative impact" on the economy, Westpac bank is warning.The New Zealand arm of the... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Fri 10:25am 

NZ-owned banks says RBNZ capital proposals will make it harder to compete
New Zealandís smaller, locally-owned banks want the Reserve Bank to go further in leveling the competitive playing field between them and the big four Australian-owned banks 
© 2019 Thu 11:05am 

Banks waking up to the Fintech threat throw billions into digital
Can big lenders beat the fintechs at their own game? Scrappy online financial startups have spent the past few years building buzz, backing and the beginnings of a customer base.For a while, the world's banking giants largely... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Wed 5:05am 

Banks 'crying crocodile tears' over higher capital requirements
Social Credit is accusing the New Zealand Bankers Association of crying crocodile tears over the Reserve Bank's proposals for banks to hold higher capital ratios. 
© 2019 Tue 7:15am 

PwC says NZ banks would effectively hold 27.1% equity if RBNZ proposals are adopted
New Zealandís major banks already hold more capital than Australian, Canadian, Austrian, Irish and Singaporean banks, a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers has found 
© 2019 Mon 12:45am 

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Loose lips and FX tips: How chats cost banks $1.8 billion
Talk may be cheap, but in currency traders' chatrooms, at least, improper messages can be very expensive for their companies.In instant message groups with names such as "Semi Grumpy Old Men" and "Three Way Banana Split," up to... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat, 18 May 10:25am 

Bank cartel fined Ä1bn for currency rigging
The European Commission fines five banks a total of Ä1.07bn for forming cartels to rig currency trading. 
© 2019 BBCWorld Fri, 17 May 3:25am 

John Banks won't rule out running for Auckland mayor, suggests Sir John Key enters race
Former Auckland mayor mulls throwing hat in the ring again, saying "never before has the city been in so much trouble". 
© 2019 Wed, 15 May 7:35pm 

Two people winched to safety from life raft off Banks Peninsula coast
Two people have been winched to safety after their yacht began sinking off the coast of the Banks Peninsula. 
© 2019 Tue, 14 May 11:55am 

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Banks fight back against RBNZ capital increase proposal
Reserve Bank proposals to make banks hold more capital to guard against a financial crisis will slow economic growth and lift interest rates, according to the banks. 
© 2019 RadioNZ Fri 10:15am 

Banks to go after Jamie Oliver's personal empire in restaurants collapse
Banks and one of Britain's biggest food suppliers are poised to pursue Jamie Oliver over debts after the chef's empire of restaurants collapsed.The Daily Telegraph understands Oliver provided personal guarantees to lending giant... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Thu 10:05am 

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Vanuatu PM calls on banks to be more user-friendly
Vanuatu's Prime Minister has called on banks to create a more friendly environment so that people are not afraid to deal with them and will use them more often. 
© 2019 RadioNZ Tue 11:25am 

Taranaki farmers to add 500,000 plants along streams and rivers
Taranaki farmers are adding 500,000 plants along 15,000km of stream and river banks. 
© 2019 Mon 4:15pm 

RBNZ bank capital policy will make NZ poorer - ACT
"The Reserve Bank should heed the call of the New Zealand Bankersí Association and abandon its flawed proposals to increase capital requirements for banks," according to ACT Leader David Seymour. 
© 2019 Mon 9:15am 

Reserve Bank plan 'has significant negative consequences for our country': banks
Reserve Bank faces major pushback on its plans to force banks to hold more capital. 
© 2019 Mon 5:25am 

Cheques still allowed at big banks
New Zealand's four biggest banks will continue to honour cheques, even though Kiwibank is scrapping the service. 
© 2019 RadioNZ Fri, 17 May 2:35pm 

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Pair rescued from liferaft off Banks Peninsula
Two people were rescued from a liferaft this morning after their yacht ran into trouble off Banks Peninsula. 
© 2019 RadioNZ Tue, 14 May 12:55am 

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