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28 Jan 2020   
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John Stumpf: Ex-Wells Fargo boss pays $17.5m to settle charges
John Stumpf has also been banned from working for US national banks after a fake accounts scandal. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Fri 4:55pm 

Where to next for interest rates? ANZ makes its call
The ANZ Bank has removed the official cash rate cut it had pencilled in for May, and now expects the rate to stay flat at the current 1.0 per cent.Most banks still expect the Reserve Bank to cut its rate at some point this year,... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 21 Jan 11:55am 

-Welcome to ‘Peak Decade,’ From Globalization to Central Banks

Demonstrators in Beirut target banks in continued protests
Riot police met with resistance as demonstrators in Beirut continue demand a new government. 
© 2020 BBCWorld Thu, 16 Jan 5:25am 

-Lebanon Erupts in Protest Again as Crisis Builds and Banks Fret

Climate change on a 'slow simmer' in bank lending decisions
COMMENT: The three major Australian banks, which own three of New Zealand's largest banks, undoubtedly had much more pressing scandals to address at their annual meetings last month, but the role they could play in mitigating climate... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 14 Jan 2:35pm 

The Battle of Banks Peninsula: two fresh faces contest a newly competitive seat
One of the safest Labour electorate seats is set to become a new National/Labour battleground. 
© 2020 Sun, 12 Jan 1:15pm 

'The banks don't care about you, the shops don't care about you, big employers don't care about you'
Financial life is getting harder but kids aren't well prepared. 
© 2020 Sun, 12 Jan 5:45am 

How banks peddled a product that killed New Zealand farmers
The disastrous impact of banks selling risky financial derivatives to farmers is still being felt. 
© 2020 Fri, 10 Jan 8:45am 

Minimum repayments turn Christmas credit card debt into decades-long burden
Never, ever repay credit card debt at the minimum rate the banks set. 
© 2020 Fri, 3 Jan 5:55am 

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-Lebanese protesters turn their ire on banks

Food banks used to be for emergencies – now they're a staple of society
Food bank users facing "impossible" decisions: "Do I send my child to a doctor? Do I pay for food?" 
© 2020 Wed, 25 Dec 5:15am 

Hilary Duff’s wedding dress features a sweet nod to her kids
Hilary Duff took Vogue inside her wedding dress fitting and revealed the sweet way she included kids Luca, 7, and Banks, 14 months. See her explain her look for her and Matthew Koma's big day. 
© 2020 Tue, 24 Dec 10:55am 

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'Come be our new principal': Banks Peninsula students help recruit
If you're adventurous, funny, and know how to build a stoat trap, you might be the person for the job, kids at a small South Island school say. 
© 2020 Tue, 21 Jan 8:35pm 

Global banks warn climate change could trigger next global financial crisis
The Reserve Bank of Australia has been urged to "mobilise all forces" to save the economy from a disaster induced by climate change.The world's most powerful banks have issued a warning that climate change could trigger the next... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Tue, 21 Jan 11:55am 

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Rescue chopper called after gas explosion in Canterbury home
At least one person has been injured by a gas explosion on Banks Peninsula in Canterbury.Emergency services were called to a Port Levy home at 8.30pm Sunday evening after the explosion of a gas canister.A Fire and Emergency spokesman... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Sun, 12 Jan 9:45pm 

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Travelex cyber attack: New Zealand customers not affected - retail banks
New Zealand banks are reassuring their customers a cyber attack that shut down a major international currency retailer will not affect their customers. 
© 2020 RadioNZ Sat, 11 Jan 7:05am 

Dairy farm sales dry up as tighter bank lending, foreign investment take hold
Farm values are falling as banks tighten up on lending and foreign investors find it harder to buy. 
© 2020 Tue, 7 Jan 1:15pm 

Kiwis should move their accounts to a NZ owned bank - DSC
Kiwis should make a New Year’s resolution to move their bank accounts to Kiwibank, or one of the other wholly owned New Zealand banks, said Social Credit Leader Chris Leitch. 
© 2020 Tue, 31 Dec 8:05pm 

No resting on their laurels for NZ's banks in 2020
The Reserve Bank's final decisions on bank capital requirements in late 2019 came as a great relief to the banks but they can't count on 2020 being plain sailing.The prudential regulator has given every sign that it intends to take... 
© 2020 NZ Herald Fri, 27 Dec 9:15am 

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