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24 Sep 2017   
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Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia
The usual treatments are failing 60% of the time in some regions of Cambodia, scientists say. 
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Fullbright Founders To Headline Melbourne International Games Week 2017
Victoria’s annual week-long festival celebrating Australia’s local games development is set to take place from the 22nd to 29th of October, with Fullbright cofounders Karla Zimonja and Steve Gaynor set to headline the week’s Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) developer conference. 
© 2017 PC World Thu 12:25am 

Motorsport: Asian expansion on hold for Supercars
The Supercars 2018 calendar will be revealed next month but there won't be any expansion into Asia.The category had hoped to introduce at least one race in Asia in 2018 before additional events in 2019 but CEO James Warburton admits... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 7:25am 

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Singapore Airlines route popular with Southeast Asia travellers
Southeast Asia is proving to be a hot spot for Wellingtonians flying on taking advantage of Singapore Airlines' flights into the capital. 
© 2017 Tue 3:55pm 

NZ dollar gains regardless of election countdown
The New Zealand dollar gained as investors became more sanguine about the outcome of Saturday's election, regardless of who wins and as risk appetite improved in Asia. The Kiwi dollar traded at US73.12c at 5pm from US72.80c at the... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Mon 9:35pm 

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Simon Draper: Why North Korea matters to New Zealanders
OPINION: In previous columns, I've talked about how our research shows that while most New Zealanders view Asia as important to New Zealand's future, two-thirds of us say we know little or nothing about the region. Our Perceptions of Asia survey also tells us that much of what New Zealanders do know about Asia comes from the media. The other key way we learn about the region is through personal interactions â?? which is easy enough to achieve if you're attending school or working in a large office in "super-diverse" Auckland, but more challenging if you're living in a small community. Over the past two decades, the survey has identified strong links between media coverage and the public's understanding of Asia â?? and their feelings about the region. Take 2013, when media coverage of the Fonterra "botulism scare" saw New Zealanders' recall of Asia-related business and economic issues nearly double from the previous year. 
© 2017 Mon, 11 Sep 5:15am 

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NZ's largest sheep meat exporter expands into Asia
New Zealand's largest sheep meat exporter has bought a Singapore marketing company to improve access to Asian markets. 
© 2017 RadioNZ Fri 8:05am 

Insurer Sovereign sold to Asia's AIA
Commonwealth Bank of Australia has sold its trans-Tasman life insurance businesses CommInsure Life and Sovereign Assurance for A$3.8 billion to global insurer AIA Group. The sale is a quick turnaround for Australia's biggest lender,... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 11:35am 

Alliance buys Singapore marketing business Goldkiwi Asia
Meat processor Alliance Group has bought Goldkiwi Asia, a Singapore-based marketing and sales company, as it seeks to get closer to its Asian markets. 
© 2017 Wed 5:45pm 

Alliance buys Singapore marketer Goldkiwi to improve reach to Asian customers
Alliance Group, New Zealand's second-largest meat cooperative, has bought Singapore-based marketing and sales company Goldkiwi Asia for an undisclosed amount 
© 2017 Tue 5:25pm 

No room for New Zealand, Australia in Asian Games - OCA chief
The influential head of the Olympic Council of Asia has dashed hopes that athletes from Oceania nations, including New Zealand and Australia, might be able to compete in the Asian Games from 2022. 
© 2017 Tue 1:25pm 

NZ dollar rises as risk appetite improves, election jitters abate
The New Zealand dollar gained as investors became more sanguine about the outcome of Saturday's election, regardless of who wins and as risk appetite improved in Asia 
© 2017 Mon 5:15pm 

Xero making the move from back office to front office with the release of its new products
Accounting software maker Xero is making the move from back office to front office with the release of a new range of products.Xero chief executive and founder Rod Drury today made the announcement at the company's annual Asia-Pacific... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Wed, 13 Sep 3:55pm 

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