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28 Jun 2017   
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NZ dollar tumbles vs euro as Draghi talks up European economic outlook
The New Zealand dollar dropped to a two-week low against the euro after European Central Bank president Mario Draghi talked up the prospects for Europe's economic recovery and signs that inflation is stirring 
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Google is fighting a losing war with the EU
The unexpectedly large fine the European Commission has slapped on Google -- 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 billion) -- is evidence that the search giant's relationship with European regulators is now a vicious circle of escalation. Google's... 
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-Chart of the day: The cost of renting in InvercargillNZ Located

The $50 billion Maori economy is poised to get bigger
The $50 billion Maori economy can only grow from here as more Treaty of Waitangi settlements mature and more iwi groups get involved in the domestic markets, Chapman Tripp says. 
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Warren Buffett and the two women who shaped him
He's best known for the financial nous that made him the world's richest man - until he started giving it away.But a more complex side to Warren Buffett has been exposed in a HBO documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett, about the Berkshire... 
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Waikato's largest riverside mansion boasting boat ramp and indoor pool for sale
What is possibly the Waikato's largest mansion boasting breathtaking river views, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, an indoor heated swimming pool and a private boat ramp, is for sale and is likely to fetch one of the region's biggest... 
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Innovation series: A designer's mind is the next best thing for innovative businesses
Companies are plucking graduates from design school because their creative tendencies make for better innovative thinking. 
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Peter Cullen: Navigating your employer's right to know
OPINION: Do employers have the right to know about employees' criminal charges? The Supreme Court has found that an employer often will have the right to know, even if there is a suppression order. 
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US lawyer: US entitled to seize Iran-tainted skyscraper
NEW YORK (AP) " A U.S. government lawyer has urged a jury to conclude a charity must give up majority ownership of a Manhattan skyscraper, saying it is secretly controlled by Iran.Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Lockard told New... 
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While you were sleeping: Stocks slide
Equities on both sides of the Atlantic fell as central bank chiefs signalled an easing of monetary stimulus 
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Wall Street drops, stocks slide
Equities on both sides of the Atlantic fell as central bank chiefs signalled an easing of monetary stimulus. Speaking in London, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen did little to suggest US policy makers have altered plans for a... 
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Financial benefits of escaping the rat run and working from home
Life in our cities can feel gruelling, and expensive. Slog into the office, slog home, pay the mortgage, pay the rent. There's another way, but it requires embracing the cloud. Sue De Bievre did it, founding a cloud-based accountancy business called Beany, whose chartered accountants do their work from home offices anywhere they please. Not for Beany is the expensive city centre office. Not for Beany accountants is the rush-hour grind. 
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New study of Seattle's $15 minimum wage says it costs jobs
SEATTLE (AP) " Seattle's $15-an-hour minimum wage law has cost the city jobs, according to a study released Monday that contradicted another new study published last week.A University of Washington team studying the law's effects... 
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Max Whitehead: Pay equity move may hurt economy
• Max Whitehead is the the chief operating officer of Small Business Voice, an organisation that assists small businesses and advocates for the sector New Zealand women are paid on average less than men for similar, if not... 
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