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26 May 2019   
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Budget 2019: Goodbye 'NZ Inc' and welcome to the world of wellbeing
Will Thursday's Budget really be so different? 
© 2019 9:45am 

Debt is as bad as a hangover or being sleep-deprived when it comes to IQ
OPINION: It's official, if you're stupid with your money then, writes Richard Meadows, you actually reduce your IQ. 
© 2019 5:35am 

Closing the 'wills gap' through digital wills subscription service
Netflix-style pricing for online wills service is a New Zealand first. 
© 2019 5:35am 

Brexit hits the backpacker market and spending plunges by $167m
Spending by the youth market dropped $167 million last year and the tourism industry is worried. 
© 2019 5:35am 

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Sanford seafood earnings and net profit down
Nationwide fishery Sandford Limited report rocky half year financials. 
© 2019 7:35pm 

Otago Diatomite miner outlines plans on fossil-laden land, apologises
Diatomite mining chief executive Peter Plakidis is keen to consult with Otago community. 
© 2019 5:05pm 

Gang issues spark fear at upmarket Auckland apartment complex
Body corporate takes action after gang member moves into high-end apartment in leafy Auckland suburb. 
© 2019 Sat 1:45pm 

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Grandmother jailed for GST fraud
Doubts remain about where a grandmother spent $211,000 she methodically defrauded from Inland Revenue with false GST returns. 
© 2019 Sat 10:25am 

Former Facebook exec recommends Mark Zuckerberg step down as CEO
Facebook's former security chief is disagreeing with calls to break up the social network.Instead, Alex Stamos believes the way to fix problems is for Mark Zuckerberg to step aside as CEO.Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and other... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat 9:45am 

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Lobbying - trust in the system, but maintain a close watch
OPINION: Everyone has access in our democracy, even if some seem to have a little more. 
© 2019 Sat 5:25am 

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Fonterra is investing in artificial meat, but would you eat it?
ANALYSIS: Alternative meat products are big business, but is this really the direction we should be going in? 
© 2019 8:05am 

Kaikoura brewer Emporium survived the quake to become award winners
Paula and Laura Finney set up the Emporium brewery in Kaikoura a few months before the massive quake. 
© 2019 5:35am 

Linda Clark - from top flight journalist to partner at a prestigious law firm
The journey of journalist, mother and lawyer has been far from straightforward, broadcaster Linda Clark says. 
© 2019 5:35am 

Boeing's 737 Max bills include $3000 a month to park each grounded jet
"They just don't park them and walk away and come back six months later." 
© 2019 10:05pm 

Lawyers for Noah's Ark theme park in the US are suing for rain damage
The owners of the multimillion-dollar US theme park and monument to fundamentalist Christianity are suing insurers. 
© 2019 9:15pm 

Legal spat over Albany building after Beca gives low seismic rating
ANZ vacates building sold to Oyster investors after low Beca seismic rating. 
© 2019 4:15pm 

Protesters expected at 'coal forum' in Dunedin
Delegates attending a mineral conference in Dunedin are being told to brace themselves for protests by people claiming the event is a "coal forum". 
© 2019 Sat 12:55am 

Shoppers turning their backs on Huawei following Google ban
Shoppers both here and abroad are turning their backs on Huawei's handsets in the wake of Google suspending its hardware and software business with the Chinese mobile giant.Huawei's handset popularity has plummeted by more than... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat 11:05am 

US CEOs get $1.2m pay raise, leaving workers further behind
Did you get a 7 per cent raise last year? Congratulations, yours was in line with what CEOs at the biggest companies got. But for chief executives, that 7 per cent was roughly US$800,000 ($1.2 million).Pay for CEOs at S&P 500 companies... 
© 2019 NZ Herald Sat 9:45am 

Soft-banking leads to a soft float for Uber
OPINION: I have a love-hate relationship with Uber. 
© 2019 Sat 6:15am 

Lower Hutt looking at bold plan to reshape its struggling CBD
Lower Hutt's struggling business district might need to be partly demolished in order to be saved. 
© 2019 Sat 5:25am 

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