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22 Oct 2016   
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Teen suicides: something must change say devastated parents
Brendan Russell put on his suit bought specially for the Tauranga Boys' College ball.He looked handsome, athletic, tall - his trademark blonde curls cut when he had been recently appointed prefect. All the girls loved his hair -it... 
© 2016 NZ Herald 9:25am 

Port of Tauranga forecasts profit of $79-83 mln for 2017
Port of Tauranga expects full-year earnings in the range of $79 million to $83 million, an increase on the $77.3 million reported for 2016, according to a transcript of a speech published to the NZX 
© 2016 Thu 4:45pm 

Clown costumes pulled from Tauranga costume shop shelves
Several costume shops in Tauranga have pulled clown costumes from their shelves, following the exampleof stores nationwide.The dark fad involving creepy clowns scaring or attacking people in New Zealand and worldwide has led some... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Thu 10:25am 

Dog's attack at Tauranga park still traumatises family
A family haunted by nightmares after witnessing the horrific mauling of their puppy in a local park have a warning for other dog owners.Chelles McIntosh and her daughter Lian Hobbs, 15, are still traumatised after seeing one of... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Thu 7:25am 

Revealed: Biosecurity risk ship docked and unloaded
A ship carrying uncertified animal feed that was refused entry to NZ because of a biosecurity risk actually docked in Tauranga and unloaded thousands of tonnes of similar product. 
© 2016 3news Tue 7:05pm 

Water back on for Mount and Papamoa
Final repairs have been successful on a broken water main, which affected supply to Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.The pipeline came back on at 12.50pm today and has remained stable, Tauranga City Council has reported."It will take... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue 2:54pm 

Palm kernel ship anchored off Tauranga denied discharge
A vessel carrying 23,000 tonnes of palm kernel expeller will not be permitted to discharge its cargo in New Zealand, it has been announced today. The Ministry for Primary Industries initially prevented discharge from the MV Molat... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue 11:45am 

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Bay's billion-dollar building boom
The value of building projects in the Bay is expected to reach $1 billion this year as the region basks in a record-breaking construction boom.Almost $800 million in consents were issued in Tauranga and the Western Bay for the nine... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Mon 9:05am 

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Parents mourn loss of son killed in Bay of Plenty truck crash
The grieving parents of the Tauranga truck driver killed in a horror crash in Pongakawa are struggling to cope with the loss of their "generous, thoughtful, caring, and loving boy".Martin John Ferry, 30, died after the Booths Transport... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Fri 7:25am 

Final selections loom as Junior Tall Ferns and Junior Tall Blacks play hoop nation event
The Junior Tall Blacks and Junior Tall Ferns squads have been announced ahead of the Hoop Nation Tournament being held in Tauranga this Labour Weekend.The largest club tournament in the country will provide the JTFs and JTBs with... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Thu 4:25pm 

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Bikers illegally cut trail through kiwi habitat
Some mountain bikers have been issued written Department of Conservation warnings for illegally cutting a trail through a pristine forest on Tauranga's doorstep.The track was discovered by volunteers helping to reintroduce kiwi... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Thu 10:25am 

Hot, sticky Christmas on the cards for some
People looking forward to a hot Christmas in Tauranga rejoice, but pack your umbrella.Higher than average temperatures are expected to come with their fair share of rain.A seasonal outlook from now until the end of the year shows... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Wed 11:25am 

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Palm kernel shipment banned from NZ
A shipment of palm kernel which has been anchored off Tauranga for over a month has been banned from entering New Zealand. 
© 2016 RadioNZ Tue 12:15am 

Firms eyeing Tauranga promise hundreds of jobs for the region
More than 520 new jobs and $111 million of capital investment could be pumped into Tauranga if prospective new businesses take the plunge and shift to the city.Tauranga's economic development agency Priority One was currently working... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue 9:44am 

Bay mother hopeful after lifesaving operation
Despite a wee medical setback, Tauranga mother Frankie Egglestone says she's in good spirits after her life-saving kidney transplant.Ms Egglestone, 29, said her new kidney gifted by Tauranga mother Lianne Bateman was not yet working... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Mon 1:55pm 

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