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6 May 2015   
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Armed police find Tauranga man with weapon
A 42-year-old Tauranga man is in police custody following an armed police manhunt after allegedly threatening his ex-partner with a weapon. 
© 2015 5:04pm 

Invercargill and Tauranga chosen for first state house sales
Hundreds of state houses in Tauranga and Invercargill could be sold to independent providers in the first phase of the Government's plans. 
© 2015 1:44pm 

Tauranga, Invercargill state houses to be sold
The government has announced it will begin selling off up to 1600 state houses in Tauranga and Invercargill to social housing groups. 
© 2015 RadioNZ 1:14pm 

Armed police search for Tauranga man with weapon
Armed police have cordoned off roads on the outskirts of Tauranga as they search for an "agitated man" in possession of a weapon after earlier allegedly threatening his ex-partner. 
© 2015 12:06am 

Tauranga woman warned over contacting local MP
When Tauranga woman Bertie Ratu wrote to her local MP on Facebook, she knew others would see it. And she wasn't worried it wasn't offensive, or derogatory or unfair. 
© 2015 3news Mon 8:04pm 

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Tauranga stabbing accused granted name suppression
The identity of a man charged over the alleged stabbing of a Tauranga man at a property in the Lower Kaimai Range at the weekend has been suppressed. 
© 2015 Mon 4:15pm 

Tauranga: 21 Tonnes of oiled debris collected
Twenty-one tonnes of oiled debris has been collected from the Tauranga Harbour following last week's oil spill.An estimated 1500 litres of oil spilled into the harbour when a ship was being refuelled by a Mobil pipeline on Monday.Bay... 
© 2015 NZ Herald Mon 2:24pm 

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Tauranga man charged over alleged stabbing
A 32-year-old man has been charged over the alleged stabbing of a Tauranga man at a property in the Lower Kaimai Ranges at the weekend. 
© 2015 Mon 9:34am 

Man's severed finger reattached
A plastic surgeon has successfully reattached a young Tauranga man's finger after it was severed by a band saw. 
© 2015 Mon 8:44am 

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State houses in Tauranga and Invercargill to go on the market
Tauranga and Invercargill have been chosen for the first 1000 to 2000 sales of state houses.Housing NZ Minister Bill English and Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the two cities were chosen "because they have stable demand... 
© 2015 NZ Herald 1:54pm 

First regions chosen in social housing shake-up
Tauranga and Invercargill have been chosen as the first regions where state houses are proposed to switch to community housing providers. 
© 2015 3news 1:34pm 

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Men arrested for arson after Maungatapu house fire
Two local 21-year-old men have been arrested by Tauranga Police today after an arson attack on a home in Maungatapu yesterday afternoon.The house was extensively damaged by fire and smoke and police believe an accelerant was used.There... 
© 2015 NZ Herald Tue 3:44pm 

Tonnes of oil debris collected around Tauranga waterways
More than 20 tonnes of oiled debris has been collected from Tauranga waterways after over a tonne of heavy fuel oil spilled into the city's harbour a week ago. 
© 2015 Mon 5:54pm 

Oil spill prosecution 'should be under way'
Mobil should be prosecuted for the recent oil spill in Tauranga Harbour, says New Zealand First Conservation Spokesperson Clayton Mitchell. "New Zealand First believes Mobil has grossly understated the amount of oil leaked into the harbour," says Mr Mitchell, who lives in Tauranga. 
© 2015 Mon 3:54pm 

Neighbours' shock at Tauranga stabbing - man arrested
A Tauranga man has this morning been charged after a stabbing in the Kaimai Range yesterday.The 32-year-old man is expected to appear in Tauranga District Court today.A well-known Tauriko family is reeling after the alleged stabbing... 
© 2015 NZ Herald Mon 12:54am 

NZ@noon: Marathon anguish
Stories making headlines around the regions today include anquish for the lead runner in the Rotorua marathon and Prime Minister John Key tells Northlanders to "get on yer bike".After 25km of the Rotorua Marathon Tauranga runner... 
© 2015 NZ Herald Mon 12:24am 

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