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26 May 2016   
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Reids Farm could close due to complaints
One of the most popular freedom camping sites in Taupo - Reid Farm - could be closed while the Taupo District Council considers a swathe of complaints. 
© 2016 1:15pm 

Taupo runaway trailer was unwarranted
A rogue trailer that ploughed into a woman in Taupo should not have been on the road, court documents show. 
© 2016 Wed 5:15pm 

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Alan Duff: Real men don't beat up kids
We can't let Moko Rangitoheriri's death be forgotten - or be a vengeful mob storming the Taupo police cells to lynch Moko's evil killers.One of many marches around the country took place in Lower Hutt and there were some brave men... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue 7:45am 

Motorsport: Wyatt Chase ready to tackle Europe's best
By Andy McGechan, Taupo's Wyatt Chase hopes the hard work he has done to prepare for his latest European adventure will be enough to get the job done. 
© 2016 Mon 12:05am 

Big crowds expected at March for Moko event
Nationwide outrage at the violence which killed 3-year-old Moko Rangitoheriri has sparked Kiwis to march against child abuse.Taupo toddler Moko died after being kicked, slapped, stomped on and bitten over several weeks by Tania... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Fri 8:15pm 

Women's Refuge deny claims staff member knew Moko was being abused
The Taupo Women's Refuge says claims a staffer knew baby Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri was being abused by the caregiver who killed him are untrue.The board of Te Whare Oranga Wairua refuge in Taupo says claims by a journalist that... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue, 17 May 8:45pm 

Driver who smashed digger into overbridge charged
The driver of a truck carrying a digger which brought Auckland to a standstill for several hours when the digger smashed into an overbridge has been charged.The 65-year-old Taupo man was allegedly driving the truck when it smashed... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Tue, 17 May 12:45am 

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge celebrates 40 years
When 26 riders decided to get together and ride around Lake Taupo back in 1977, no one knew that it was the beginnings of what is now New Zealand’s largest cycling occasion. 
© 2016 Tue, 17 May 10:15am 

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Prison for farm worker who kidnapped and assaulted partner
A farm worker who terrorised, kidnapped and assaulted his partner has been jailed. Richard Wade Bowman, of Toko, was charged with theft, threatening to kill, male assaults female, kidnapping and assaults with intent to injure. According to the summary of facts, Bowman and his partner were living on a farm in Tihoi, near Taupo in early  December 2015. The victim told Bowman she wanted to move back to Taranaki, something he was unhappy about.  Angry, he forced her onto the back of his motorbike and rode off, threatening to kill her. 
© 2016 9:55am 

March supports abused children
More than 150 people marched through Oamaru yesterday to show their support for 3-year-old Taupo boy Moko Rangitoheriri, who was killed by his caregivers. read more 
© 2016 Otago Daily Times Mon 7:55pm 

Your health: Natural options for constipation
Hi Sandra, I suffer from constipation. Is there anything you can recommend?Anonymous, Taupo. Digestion can be a problem for many people, so thank you for your question. Constipation is a common problem. According to the Ministry... 
© 2016 NZ Herald Sun 8:25am 

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Did Brownlee make up sale of Navy ships 'on the hoof?'
Having revealed that several Royal New Zealand Navy vessels have not left port in years, New Zealand First is now asking the Minister of Defence to prove he did not come up with the idea of selling HMNZS Taupo and Pukaki until the media asked him. 
© 2016 Thu, 19 May 6:55pm 

How the Moko Rangitoheriri case unfolded
The Moko Rangitoheriri case is one of New Zealand's most horrific instances of child abuse which has captured headlines since his death was reported in Taupo in August 2016. 
© 2016 Tue, 17 May 3:15pm 

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