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22 Jul 2017   
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Partner of shot Kinloch man found alive
The previously unaccounted for partner of a man shot dead in Taupo on Thursday has since been found safe and sound.The 38-year-old woman was found, safe and uninured, at a property near the scene of the shooting in Kinloch today.... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 5:45pm 

Man found dead with gunshot wound in Taupo
A  man has been found dead with a gunshot wound at an address near Taupo. 
© 2017 Thu 11:25pm 

Man found dead in Kinloch with gunshot wound
A man had been found dead in Kinloch, near Taupo, with what appears to be a gunshot would.Police said they were called to Whangamata Rd around 8.45pm tonight to assist ambulance staff following reports of an injured male at the... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 10:45pm 

Five injured in Mt Ruapehu car crash
Five people are on being taken to Taupo Hospital after being trapped inside a car in an accident on Mt Ruapehu.Police said they were called to Bruce Rd, between Chateau Tongariro and the Whakapapa skifield, after the accident occurred... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 3:45pm 

Elderly man travelling from Auckland to Taupo crashes
A missing elderly man travelling from Auckland to Taupo has been found down a bank in Whanganui. 
© 2017 Wed 7:25am 

Taupo District Council tells Kim Eyles to remove his berm garden
Kim Eyles ran for the Taupo mayoralty with a vision of growing food for the community from public land. 
© 2017 Mon 1:45pm 

Motorcyclist comes off bike in Taupo
A motorcyclist has come off her bike on State Highway 1 in Taupo, blocking the road.A police media spokeswoman said the female motorcyclist was in a moderate condition.The police were called at 11.40am and are still on the sce... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sun 2:05pm 

Roads still closed and thousands of homes without power
By Michael Sergel Roads remain closed and thousands of homes are still without power after this week's severe weather.The Napier-Taupo Road is open, but the Desert Road and State Highway 38 between Wairoa and Te Urewera are closed.Powerco... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Sat, 15 Jul 5:35pm 

Weather closes back in around middle of North Island
While the worst of the storm was expected to have passed yesterday, conditions in Taupo have worsened today, with heavy rain and wind keeping school holidaymakers indoors.Melissa Morrissey, who lives at Rangitaiki, 40km south-east... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Fri, 14 Jul 11:35am 

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Missing partner found after Taupo homicide
A man has been shot dead and his partner, who was unaccounted for, has been found. 
© 2017 5:45pm 

Police concerned for dead man's missing partner after Taupo homicide
A man has been shot dead and police are now concerned for his partner who is unaccounted for. 
© 2017 1:35pm 

Man shot dead in Kinloch, Taupo
A man has died in an apparent shooting at a home in Kinloch, on the shores of Lake Taupo. Police said they were called around 8.45pm to help ambulance officers after receiving reports of an injured man at an address on Whangamata... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Thu 11:15pm 

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Taupo power station to undergo multi-million dollar upgrade
One of the Waikato's Hydro Stations is preparing for a multi-million dollar upgrade, providing the Taupo economy with a big boost 
© 2017 Thu 1:25pm 

Auckland man, 94, missing after setting out for Taupo
Police are looking for a 94-year-old Auckland man who has gone missing after setting out on a drive to Taupo today.A relative told police the elderly man had planned to travel to Taupo after leaving his home in Hillsborough this... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Wed 0:15am 

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Motorcycle crash blocks lane near Taupo
A motorbike crash has blocked the southbound lane of State Highway One near Taupo. 
© 2017 Sun 12:45am 

Stranded travellers resort to hotpools, cafes
Travellers "trapped" in Taupo by snow have been forced to endure long, relaxing dips in the thermal pools, fireside restaurant meals and a spot of mountain biking. 
© 2017 Fri, 14 Jul 5:25pm 

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