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31 Jul 2014   
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My happy place: Dr Greg Browne, geologist
My happy place is sailing or boating on Lake Taupo. You can get fantastic days when it's calm and the weather's nice and you're away from everything. There might be a few people around the sides of the lake, fishing or doodling or... 
© 2014 NZ Herald Sun, 20 Jul 2:14pm 

Landcorp's huge dairy plans start to take shape
Three new dairy farms that have been converted from forestry will begin milking for the first time in the new season as part of Landcorp's large-scale dairy development near Taupo. 
© 2014 Tue, 15 Jul 8:26am 

Wellington Phoenix to play in Taupo
Football stars the Wellington Phoenix are set to play the New Zealand A team in Taupō next month. The teams will meet at Owen Delany Park at 1.30pm on Sunday, August 17. It will be a one-off game that is expected to attract football enthusiasts from around the North Island. 
© 2014 Thu, 10 Jul 4:06pm 

Trans-Tasman kayaker blown further away
A kayaker attempting the first solo crossing across the Tasman has drifted further away from the Taranaki coast overnight as rough sea and weather have forced him to "hunker down" in his vessel.Taupo rescue pilot John Funnell said... 
© 2014 NZ Herald Wed, 9 Jul 10:55am 

Driver issued glasses after fatal crash
The driver of a large truck and trailer unit that struck and killed a South Auckland cyclist near Taupo was issued glasses not long after the crash. 
© 2014 Tue, 8 Jul 2:05pm 

Couple dispute claim of riding single file
A Taupo couple dispute a group of cyclists' testimony that they were riding single file just prior to a fatal collision, an inquest has heard. 
© 2014 Tue, 8 Jul 5:45am 

Two Wellingtonians and a Porsche 'a winning combination'
Wellingtonians Jamie McNee and Elliott Andrew joined forces to claim the top spot at the Mahindra One Hour Race at Taupo on the weekend. 
© 2014 Mon, 7 Jul 8:45am 

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Toyota Racing Series announces 2015 championship calendar
Toyota Racing New Zealand has announced the championship calendar for the 2015 Toyota Racing Series will include a return to Ruapuna near Christchurch and also to the Taupo circuit. 
© 2014 Thu, 3 Jul 10:05pm 

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MH17: Mum of victim has no anger
A Dutch couple coming to New Zealand to visit their Taupo-based daughter on a "trip of a lifetime" were among those killed on MH17.Hendrik-Jan "Henk" Tournier and his wife Ineke Westerveld planned to spend six weeks with Tournier's... 
© 2014 NZ Herald Sun, 20 Jul 5:45am 

Tina Shaw: Ripples in a pond
Tina Shaw went to jail over her new novel. "The prison was great," says the writer on the phone from her home in Taupo. "It cleared up a lot of the misconceptions I had."It was all for research. In The Children's Pond , her sixth... 
© 2014 NZ Herald Sat, 12 Jul 6:35am 

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Frustration at lack of charges over cyclist's death
The family of a South Auckland woman who was killed in a collision with a truck while cycling near Taupo say they are "disgusted" by the way police treated them after her death. 
© 2014 Thu, 10 Jul 5:55am 

Transtasman kayaker rides out big blow
A transtasman kayaker attempting to make landfall in New Zealand is content bobbing in the open ocean while he waits for wild weather to abate.Taupo rescue pilot John Funnell said last night that kayaker Scott Donaldson was 30km... 
© 2014 NZ Herald Wed, 9 Jul 5:25am 

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Cyclist's husband didn't hear truck coming
The husband of a cyclist killed when she was hit by a truck in Taupo told an inquest he never heard the vehicle come up from behind. 
© 2014 Mon, 7 Jul 2:45pm 

Mum told she's miscarried, gives birth
Taupo mother Huia Anderson is haunted by the day she gave birth on a toilet to a baby she thought she had lost weeks earlier, only to see him die in front of her. 
© 2014 Fri, 4 Jul 5:15am 

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