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29 Jun 2017   
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Cars crash after failing to keep a grip on icy Dunedin street
A central Dunedin street has been closed after several ice-related crashes this morning.A police spokeswoman said four cars crashed in Heriot Row from 8.20am.The crashes were between London and Constitution St."The road is slippery... 
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Chilly temperatures set to continue as fog lingers at airports
A recent cold snap shows no signs of abating as parts of New Zealand wake up to a frosty morning after a chilly night.Parts of the country slipped into the negatives last night, the coldest being Dunedin Airport, which dropped to... 
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Car ramming sparks gang fight with patu-wielding man in Dunedin
A patu-wielding man swung at another man during a gang altercation in central Dunedin. 
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Underage teens' access to alcohol becoming 'out of control' in Dunedin
Dunedin police are investigating further allegations of sober drivers peddling alcohol to underage teens, as more parents come forward with concerns.A 21-year-old Dunedin man has been charged with supplying a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old... 
© 2017 NZ Herald Wed 8:25am 

Facebook booze buyer 'supplied underage girls'
Dunedin police have charged a 21-year-old man for supplying booze to two underage teenage girls he met through social media.The Dunedin man is facing a maximum $2000 fine after buying a 12-pack of RTDs for the girls, aged 13 and... 
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Charities may pocket profit from plastic bag levy
- This story was originally published on and is republished with permission. Facing growing calls from local government and even from within the National Party for government leadership on the issue of single-use plastic bags, new Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson looks likely to opt for a levy rather than a ban - and that could be good news for local charities. Simpson has set up a working group looking at ways to reduce plastic bag consumption, and he is about to receive an open letter signed by (at last count) nearly half the country's mayors asking central government to either impose a national levy on single-use plastic bags, or give local authorities the right to do so themselves. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said councils were "currently looking at what we can do locally to reduce the number of these bags going to our landfill, but the truth is they need to be stopped at the source. 
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Boy seriously injured in 20m cliff fall at Mt Aspiring National Park
A boy is recovering in Dunedin Hospital after suffering serious injuries in a 20m fall down a cliff at the side of a track in Mt Aspiring National Park yesterday afternoon.Emergency services were called to the Rob Roy Glacier walking... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 8:45am 

Dunedin council proposes registration of cats in New Zealand
A Dunedin proposal that could result in the registration of cats in New Zealand will be discussed nationally.The proposal from the Dunedin City Council, in consultation with seven other councils, will next month go to a Local Government... 
© 2017 NZ Herald 8:15am 

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Man in van approaches teenager in Brighton, Dunedin
A man driving a dark grey van allegedly approached a teenager while she was walking her dog on Monday. 
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Community scales back Otago turbine plan
A community group wanting to put up its own windfarm near Dunedin has cut its plan to a single windmill. 
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Under-age teens use sober driver Facebook page to source booze
A Dunedin man faces a $2000 fine after buying booze for two teenage girls. 
© 2017 Tue 11:25am 

America's Cup: Dunedin teen raced same waters as Team New Zealand in Junior Regatta
While Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA battled it out in Bermuda, a Dunedin teenager was completing the race of her life in the same water.Yesterday, Logan Park High School pupil and Ravensbourne Boating Club member Anna Walrond... 
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