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13 Jul 2024   
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The sport that is bouncing its way into Kiwi hearts
New data on sports equipment provides insight into what is popular today. 
© 2024 10:55am 

The Chase's Shaun Wallace: How the 'Dark Destroyer' became a lifelong All Blacks fan
The Chase star Shaun Wallace has revealed who it was that made him an All Blacks fan for life. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 10:45am 

Alec Baldwin's manslaughter case dismissed in Rust shooting
The dismissal happened just days into the actor's involuntary manslaughter trial. 
© 2024 BBCWorld 10:15am 

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About the South: On weeds, landscapes, sanctuaries and surveying
One of Southland’s significant riverbed weeds is Russell lupin which was intentionally spread through dry parts of the South Island to add summer colour to a drab landscape. 
© 2024 10:05am 

-Busy bees in Colombia get respite in bamboo hotels
-South Africa travel guide: Spend your trip with wildlife on unforgettable safaris, magnificent hikes and more
-Lamborghini Hosts Exclusive 3-Day Italian Driving Tour for Supercar Owners

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Is gentrification changing food flavours?
An Auckland spice and curry paste manufacturer says gentrification has been changing the heat levels of Indian food in restaurants. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 9:35am 

Luxon wins baseball ‘mad respect’ of California Governor Gavin Newsom
No media were allowed on the tour, so we will have to take Newsom’s word for it, writes Luke Malpass in San Francisco. 
© 2024 9:15am 

-EU charges X with deceiving users via blue checkmark, draws Musk's ire

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Ask Susan: What happened when the government gave cheap home loans?
RNZ's money correspondent Susan Edmunds answers your burning questions. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 8:35am 

Electioncast: The GE 2024 Binder
Everything you need to know about the general election, and more! 
© 2024 BBCWorld 8:35am 

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Hamish Kerr soars to victory in ideal Olympic tune-up
The Kiwi high jumper made it back-to-back Diamond League victories in Monaco by matching his outdoor PB. 
© 2024 10:55am 

Alec Baldwin's Rust trial dismissed amid claims of hidden evidence
This comes after Baldwin's lawyers alleged police hid evidence of the source of the live round that killed Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 10:45am 

Kiwi brothers back in country after spending time in Thailand prison
Hamish and Oscar Day allegedly wrestled an officer to the ground and took his gun after being pulled over on their scooters in March. 
© 2024 10:05am 

Entrenched three waters thinking has led to a Waterloo crisis
Opinion: “We either win this battle or consign the people we are proud to serve, to unprecedented financial hardship,” Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan warns. 
© 2024 10:05am 

-Remains of hundreds of 7,000-year-old 'standing stone circles' discovered in Saudi Arabia
-Several students killed, over 100 trapped after a school collapse in northern Nigeria

Judge sends jury home after Alec Baldwin seeks dismissal of charge
Lawyers for the actor allege police hid evidence of the source of the live round that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 9:35am 

Children killed in Nigeria school collapse
Trapped pupils were calling for help from under the rubble, with parents frantically searching for their children. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 9:15am 

Kiwi brothers jailed in Thailand after struggle with police back in New Zealand
Two brothers locked up after a roadside struggle with a Thai police officer are now safely back in New Zealand, to the relief of their families. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 8:55am 

-AT&T Hack Undermines US National Security, Experts Say
-SpaceX rocket accident leaves company's Starlink satellites in wrong orbit
-Amazon’s AI chatbot Rufus is now live for all US customers

Funeral details for New Zealander Trish McKay killed in California robbery
A funeral for the New Zealander killed during a robbery in the United States will be held this week in Auckland. 
© 2024 RadioNZ 8:35am 

Killer sent father phone picture of murdered friend
Christopher Howe also sent a text to his partner after the assault which read "I have murdered someone." 
© 2024 BBCWorld 8:35am 

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